Best Online Carpets and Rugs Selection Tips

Some Simple Steps To Choose Right Online Carpets and Rugs

Everyone wants their rooms to look attractive. For this, they do many things like decorating their room with accessories like online carpets. But only installing a living room carpet in the room can’t make your room attractive. Because there are many changes you have to be done along with this. If you want to style your living space by using carpets and rugs but at loss? Do not bother! Here are four simple and easy design ideas to help you choose the best living room carpet for your needs. With these simple steps, you can change your dull room into an attractive one.

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Floor system

Always select online carpets according to your floor layout and the location (which you want to fill). Different layouts work for different spaces, but depending on whether you have a classic arrangement, Floating or other. So, before buy or installing a living room carpet flooring you should consider the pattern or color of your floor.

Room traffic

Depending on whether the room repeatedly used (high traffic) or less (less traffic), you can set it according to the material of the online carpet. Remember that strong materials like wool do the best with high traffic (such as a hallway) in home areas, and there is less chance of heavy traffic in bedrooms. Then select your living room carpet material accordingly.

Online Carpets Color and Pattern

Online carpets and rugs come in multi colors and patterns, styles and types. You can see in our living room carpet collection. Choose the living room carpet color and pattern based on the existing color and design palette of the room in which these need to be kept. So if you already have multi-colored living rooms, it will benefit from most parts of a solid or neutral colored area to balance it. Similarly, if you have a neutral bedroom, you can always add a statement with patterned online carpets and rugs.


The living room carpet is an investment, and in this way, they need to save with heavier foot traffic as well as wear and tear due to potential slip. One of the best ways to ensure the stability of your online carpet and prevent accidents is through the use of a rug pad. It acts as the foundation of your floor carpet, connects a comfortable layer so that the floor carpet can be more cushioned and can also protect under your precious rug. So go ahead and try these ideas for the better result in home decoration.

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How to Match Online Carpets with Interior

Best Tips for Matching Your Online Carpets with Home Interior

When someone is seen on the shoulder with the work of creating interior spaces, then an area of design that is confused and often scares is choosing from a wide assortment of patterns, colours and textured decorative things available in the market. Following are some of my tips to help those who need advice on the basic principles of mixing patterns. In this blog, we will tell you, how you can find best matching rugs and online carpets according to your home interior.

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Always Choose More Than 3 Patterns

A room usually has a rug, furniture, wall paint also window treatments. These are the important places to bring patterns and colours in space. If you start with a bold rug here, then use solid and small patterns to supplement the rug. Keep the pattern limited to accent pieces such as pillows and chairs. Anchor the solid-coloured room on large-scale pieces such as black sofas and yellow coloured walls. Black is always a great neutral to balance a vibrant, colourful place.

transitional area rugs traditional rugs modern rugs kashmiri rugs persian carpets online india

Vary The Scale of the pattern

It is important to keep the balance in the room by placing an element in different scales. Solid and small prints of a large pattern are required. It creates a balance of colour and pattern. By placing the paint on the rug and wall in a strong Venetian plaster, the small patterns on the chair upholstery are closed. This matrix is not about colours, but there is more information about the careful mixing of the overall palette in the pattern, which takes your eye from element to element in the next element.

The Layering Can Hack

Excites that give the most about design, it is a search process that takes into account the architecture and style of the house. The method of layering helps in creating a design that is naturally cultivated over time. In these classic barrels chairs, the layering starts by adding online carpets and fabric patterns extensively. Using the background colour on the walls and repeating that colour in the drawer continues this effect. The end result is simply amazing, a floor carpet that can hold itself against the magnificent woodwork.

Colour and Patterns

In this library, the colour of Brown and Khaki unites the roof with the floor. By adding a red coloured pop to Ottoman, the room survives with colour. The graphic black and white zebra on the top of the carpet defines the living room carpet layer and adds extra contrast to the neutral palette.

You must like geometric patterns that resonate through a room. Here we have collected online carpets collection, which has different geometric patterns. All elements are complementary in colour but differ in patterns. Along with solid colours, they look similar to the same scale and style, making the room look more interesting. The fundamental point is that there is no need to “match” exactly for all the elements to work together and look harmonious.

Fewer Elements More Effect

By limiting and minimizing your palette, you can make a room more spacious and really bigger than it. By putting upholstery pieces and home carpets in a complementary and uniform colour, it will affect the effect of adding different elements of the room. Using a single bedroom carpet in the room makes it more spacious. Small patterns take in the room but on a large scale, they read like a solid due to neighbouring patterns. It’s all about big balance with big pattern carpets and rugs online India.

From Where To Buy Online Carpets

There many many carpets and rugs store selling carpet flooring on the name of an authentic living room carpet, you should avoid them first. The best way to get an authentic living room carpet is to choose a prominent online carpets home store like-Rugsville. We have the best collection of handmade designer rugs, best in looks and durability at the lowest price. Our all area rugs are crafted by expert carpet flooring designer and weavers to give your home an attractive interior. We have Floral, Persian, Modern, Transitional, Kashmir, Silk Carpets and Dhurrie rugs online at lowest price. So, don’t wait to grab a living room carpets today for your home.

Dhurrie Rugs-Indian Style Online Carpets

Dhurrie Rugs- Truly Indian Style Online Carpets For Home Decor

A living room carpet or dhurrie can be considered as an accessory for the house. But in reality, it is the foundation of a place. We can say that a floor carpet should be “a room soul”. The floor is the most important part of a room and to decorate a floor, handmade online carpets and dhurrie rugs are the best choice. The rugs and dhurries are easily available in the market, but when we think deeply, we find that the online carpest are the least limited, when the pattern, colour combination and what fits in your budget, you want to start with the living room carpet there are also designs and materials. The living room carpet is best for any home decoration but handmade rugs are a bit expensive. So not every person can buy handmade rugs and carpets online India. So I suggest using handmade dhurrie rugs.


Handmade dhurries are a great option and alternative of handmade rugs. These are much cheaper than a handmade rug. They are also woven on the handloom. Handloom is the foundation of vertical and horizontal wood. The handloom is also adjustable according to the scary size. The Durries are available in many varieties. These are made of cotton, wool, wool jute, silk, chindi etc. and on the basis of it, these are further divided, to know more read below-

Cotton Dhurrie Rugs & Online Carpets

When we talk about dhurries then handmade cotton dhurries is the first, which clicks on our brains. Cotton flat-woven dhurrie or online carpets are the best among all durries. Occasionally some people are allergic to wool and jute. So cotton dhurrie is best for them because it is 100% pollution free. To fix the colours, weavers use wet-dyeing process. These first dye natural cotton yarn and then weave it on a bounce. Cotton Dhurrie rugs are available in multi colours. These are 100% hand washable. You can wash it with your hands at home. This can be reversible so that you can use it on any side.

carpet runner southwestern carpet carpet flooring cotton rugs for sale carpets online india

Wool Jute dhurries
These Indian durries or online carpets are also hand knitted on a loom. These are 80 degrees fixed colours. These online carpets type are made of 70% jute and 30% wool. These wool jute dhurries are similar to the ancient dhurrie rugs in the kilim style. These are also 100% washable durries.

Wool silk dhurries
Wool silk durries are made of 60% wool and 40% silk. It means warp in wool and silk in wool. These rugs type are also washable.

Chindi Dhurrie Rugs
The Chindi rugs are new in dhurrie rugs category and running in trend. These cotton cloths are woven in recycling with cotton and jute. Due to recycling, there are vibrant multi-colours in it. These are inverted and are 100% fast colours.

Dhurrie Rugs and Online Carpets Selection

According to famous designers, “The number one rule to be decorated with the online carpets is that, buy living room carpet and sweet with your lifestyle in mind”. So if you have pets and children then always prefer woollen online carpets. These can be cleaned easily and there are some features that hide stains, shading, hair. Durries are mainly used for floor cover. Always keep durrie rugs according to size and colour combination. If you want to keep it in the living room you will have to choose a large one which is slightly smaller than the area covered by the furniture. If you want a dhurrie or living room carpet for the kitchen then you will have to choose small dhurrie in black with a bold design pattern.

Rugs and Online Carpets Cleaning

There are lightweight in the weight in comparison of rugs online India. These are thin and 100% hand washable. So you can wash it with your hands at home. You can use detergent, shampoo with cold water for washing. For any dark sports, you can also use baking soda. Just spot the stain and spray baking soda on it and leave it for 30 minutes. After 20 minutes, wash it normally using normal water. So, Dhurrie rugs are best for investment in comparison of another type online carpets in every way.

Where To Buy

To buy these money saving and most durable flooring carpet or rug you should choose a prominent online store. The Rugsville is also a home store and well known for their handmade online carpets and rugs collection around the world. They are also known for the best offer they always give to their every customer. In their every dhurrie rugs you will find the beautiful blend of colours and patterns. They have Modern, Tribal, Southwestern dhurrie Rugs, etc. Also, like every year they are giving huge discount up 55%+15% of under their “Home Makeover Sale”. So, Don’t wait and buy one living room carpet for your home.

Woollen Online Carpets Benefits

Benefits of Having Woollen Online Carpets in Home

Nothing can beat the feeling of drowning your feet in a beautiful wool carpet flooring. As the strongest and most flexible natural fibre. Wool is very durable and can even save money as the floor carpet is not often needed to change. These mostly used in areas of colour, pattern and texture as well as additional. As well as adding warmth and comfort to the night, it can be done to add extra heat and comfort. There are many other benefits of having woollen online carpets in the home. Explore more below:-

wool carpets

There is not more spectacular than the woollen online carpets and rugs. As a natural insulator, wool heated in the winter and cooler in summer, making heating bills lower as well as making the homes comfortable and more comfortable. By absorbing and feeling moisture as needed, the wool rug can help to increase the temperature and humidity in the home by 10 times more than the hardwood floors.

round carpet carpets online india modern carpet overdyed rugs carpet runner

Insulate Sound
The wool is sound reducing and can help to reduce the noise in the room. The soft pile absorbs and muffles the sound and cushions the effect of footsteps or furniture movement.

Resistance & Durability
Wool looks better for a long time. The can be stretched and returned to its natural shape. Which means that woollen living room carpet shows very little signs of wear and tear and can last for many years. The woollen online carpets and rugs are most durable, you will quickly replenish any investment made by you.

Easy to Care
Wool contains natural oil and 30% more stain resistant then synthetic fibres. The structure of the wool means that spills not quickly absorbed and can be easily blotted.

The wool is 100% natural and fully durable fibre. As a renewable fibre, wool grows yearly and removed from the sheep during the summer months. The energy consumed to produce wool is much less compared to the use of synthetic fibre such as nylon.

Wool Carpets & Rugs Online

The best way to understand the benefits of the woollen online is to experience it. We have a huge selection of wool online carpets available at our online home store. We have Persian, Transitional, Tribal, Floral, Silk, Kashmir carpets, etc. at the lowest price. So, in our living room carpet collection you will find best matching carpets online carpets according to your interior. Also, we are offering huge discount under our Home Makeover Sale up to 55%+15%Off. To avail this discount you need to use our promo code “HOME15”.

Online Carpets and Our Home Decoration Tips

Best Home Decoration Tips Using Online Carpets

Adding Online carpets to the room with excitement, and the problem is solved. While there is enough reason to decorate along with a floor carpet, many other are attractive as well. You can also say that it completes one room by combining all the different pieces together. A living room carpet can anchor a room, define it, keep warm, and can help decorate the rooms as well. There are many different ways to decorate your home with the carpet flooring, but we will start with ten of them:-

Define Your Area Using Carpets
Use online carpets to define or separate areas like seating or eating areas, and fires. This studio is particularly useful in apartments or large rooms that require definition.

carpets online india

Online carpets to Create Variety
You can use the online carpets to create diversity in space. When you use two carpets in the room, keep in mind that the carpet can cut two rooms in the same room. Use different shaped rugs to create a feeling of diversity.

modern carpet persian carpets online india traditional rugs flower carpet rugs online india

For Harmony
When using more than one online carpets, it is better when online carpets are complementary in each other’s style. If not, you may end up with a shock or unpleasant effect. A lot of “warring” patterns in a room will be overcome by any sense of harmony.

Grab Ideas To Colour Scheme
Use a favourite living room carpet on the basis of a colour scheme in a room. On the other hand, if you add your furniture after the place, then you can use the indoor-outdoor carpet to accent or tie in your existing colours.

Generate Focal Point
Use a bedroom carpet as the focal point of your room, because the online carpets can have a big impact. To do this, you can make the opposite by painting your walls in one colour, which attracts one of your online carpets accent colours.

Dress Up Your Wall

You can use online carpets as wall decor or hang another way to make a focal point.

Play with size
Do not assume that online carpets should be the rectangle. The way you group your furniture, let them direct your living room carpet shape. Try to figure out which size will look the best, and then go with a square, round or oval shape if it seems that it makes your furniture arrangement better than a rectangle.

Get Right Size Rug
When you buy room size online carpets, reduce the length and width of the room by 3 feet. The room looks a bit bigger than the bare floor on the edges. After inserting an indoor-outdoor floor carpet under your dining table, leave at least 24 “inch of the home carpet from the side of the table, which enables the back of the chairs to remain on the living room carpet, even if someone is pulled to sit You should be 18 inches short and 18 to 24 inches from your hallway. Make sure that when you walk, they are enough to accommodate both legs.

Update Your Room
Change the living room carpet and pillows to update a room as a way to change whether or introduce new colour trends.

Bonus Tip
Always use a liner by slipping or crawling your online carpets. The carpet flooring liner should be suitable for the type of your floor, and the correct size should be also to keep the indoor living room carpet completely from sliding.

Buy Carpets Online

If you are thinking that, if you buy a living room carpet offline from an offline rug store by examining the material and quality then you are doing wrong. Because there are many sellers those selling their cheap carpets of low quality at a low price. So, take a quick change in your plan and choose a prominent online store like Rugsville. Because only at the online store you can get the best quality, hand knotted, well-described online carpets for your home. And only at the online home store, you can grab a huge discount like Rugsville gives every time for their customers. So, it’s better to choose an online store rather than offline to buy carpets online India.

Carpets and Rugs Online For Perfect Flooring

Best Collection Carpets and Rugs Online To Make Your Floor Amazing

Who does not like soft and beautiful carpets and rugs on your floor? The floor of your house can instantly change by putting a living room carpet from being workable to homely. There are lots of things in an indoor-outdoor rug like absorbing excess noise and softening the entire look of the room which actually creates a relaxed atmosphere. But it is very important to choose the right kind of area for your home so that it can meet your needs accurately. It can be a bit tricky because piles, colors, etc. combine to create endless options.

carpets and rugs

Tips To Choose Perfect Online Carpets

You can take the help of experts who have experience working with carpet, telling them what you really want. Otherwise, you can follow the suggestions given to buy a living room carpet, which India will be right for you.

  • If your family has pets and young children, then you would like to buy the carpets online India which also quite difficult to wear in a forgiving color. But if you want a touch of luxury in your home then you can choose to buy a plush pile in flat or neutral colors.
  • Loop pile with combination reduction, dark or medium voice will be great for an entertainment.
  • Plush piles are beautiful to look at because they are super soft and are similar to the velvet texture. If you want to squash and luxurious experience, then you can buy a dense plush pile carpet flooring for your home. But you should keep in mind that the luxurious stack carpets show footprints.
silk rugs transitional carpets persian rugs carpet runner carpets and rugs
  • Loop is made in the yarn in the yarn loop. These found in many varieties. You will find some very linear and formal form, while some will get along with a very winged pattern that makes them look like a simple one. A random, casual look is also given by some random loop stacks.
  • You can also choose a combination of cut and loop stacks. These contrasts will create light and dark patterns which will not show any footprints, but the texture will also look beautiful beneath the bottom.
  • Your online carpets color will have a big impact on the appearance of your room. You may have noticed that the room looks very large in dark-colored rooms, while the dark carvings look cozier. Most popularly, people buy carpets and rugs online, in which a combination of two colors has a subtle and neutral mix. In case of stains, they will also forgive more.
  • Area Rug fiber is also another important factor. You will get 100 percent wool, wool, and nylon blend or living room rugs made of numerous synthetic fibers. Wool heat can be a good regulator, while nylon is mostly resistant to fade.

You can follow these simple tips to choose the right floor carpet for yourself. Where you go to a store or do some online carpets shopping, you should keep these points in mind every time you buy a new one for yourself.

Where To Buy Carpets and Rugs Online

If you want the carpet that can up to the mark according to your requirement then you should buy online. For this, you can visit and buy rugs online from Rugsville. Because they have the best collection of area rugs in many designs and colors. In short, they have all type of living room rugs online that can match with every type of interior. Their area rugs are best in durability as these crafted by following handknotted technique. Also, they are offering a huge discount on all type of rugs online. So, this is the best chance to grab one for home decor.

Eco-friendly Online Carpets Collection

Introducing Eco-friendly Online Carpets For Your Designer Homes

Environment-Friendly Online Carpets-It’s no longer a secret that preserving and protecting the environment is a top priority in the world today. We see it everywhere, even if it is driving us behind hybrid vehicles or on the roof Panel; People are taking a strong interest in reducing the level of pollution to the environment. They modifying many different aspects in their lives. And the trends in eco-friendly green interior design are no different.

online carpets

However, it does not take a new car or an expensive change in the home infrastructure to live the honest lifestyle of the environment. There are many small things that anyone can do that can make a big difference in the world around us. Keeping the environment in mind while shopping for basic home items is definitely a good place to start. It is always important to keep in mind that what material can be harmful to the environment while shopping for your home. A good rule of thumb is to always remember to buy carpets online India

and products that can be preserved and reused several times. It is better to buy disposable items that you will finish throwing.

Eco-Friendly Moroccan Carpet

There are many ways to decorate the interior of the house beautifully. And still remain loyal to the world around you. The items should be at the top of the list should be the Vintage Moroccan living room carpet. These beautiful folk art living room carpet, such as Barber Carpets and Beni Ourain living room carpet, were handmade with the accessories from the old clothes and recycled clothes.

The end result is a grand vintage Moroccan rug that is sure to attract praise from all those who face it. It is worth noting that since this area rug is completely made of materials that existed for many years before, no pollution was released completely on the planet, thus making them the most environment-friendly rug and environmentally friendly Or “green” online carpets are available. And you can get your favourite Moroccan rugs at the lowest price under our rugs for sale offer.

A blend of beauty, affordability and positive environmental impact. Moroccan rugs are an easy choice for the discerning and environmentally friendly consumer.

Where To Buy

We respect all the peoples those worried about the environmental pollution and inviting eco-friendly things in their life. To encourage them we are presenting our best collection of handmade Moroccan style online carpets at the lowest price. You can avail this discount under season sale using the coupon code “SEASON10”. By using this code get discount up to 55%+10%Extra on homebase rugs you will purchase. So, don’t wait and grab your favourite carpets online India from our Homestore at best price.


Online Carpets Comparison Between Antique v/s Modern Rugs

Which One Better? Antique or Modern Online Carpets and Rugs

People compare Modern rugs and online carpets to ancient carpets at all times. Few one know about the value of both type carpets and rugs like, which type is expensive and why? But in comparing we always generally forget that the living room carpet value depends on many factors like its weave type, designs, pattern, etc. So, here in this blog, we will compare modern rugs and antique carpets also we will help you to select one for your home.

online carpets

Antique Carpets

The Antique rugs is a beauty that many people find difficult to meet. The design reflects centuries of both cottage crafts and highly developed artistic traditions. The ancient Oriental online carpets formed by hand in a unique pattern that intertwines and play on the colour, texture and shape. The material used in making carpets and rugs like silk, cotton, wool or anything else, are generally high quality, durable and flexible.

The living room Carpet colours made of natural materials available for weavers in the environment of their home, hence the colours are unique from the rug to the rug and area to the area. As soon as they are age and used, ancient rubbing develops a sheen and glow that enhances the colour palette of the piece and the character. Since ancient rugs are rare, they are expensive because they are rare.

Modern Rugs

These are under 30 years of age. The Modern modern contemporary rug often makes or incorporate the traditions of ancient rugs using the nature, patterns and colours associated with a particular type of rug. Over time, these carpets also develop their own belt and character. Although not always the case, many Modern rugs are less expensive than antique online carpets.

Many modern rugs are innovative of artists and weavers. Scandinavian rugs are being splendid pieces by weaving, who experiment with texture, wool, colour, and design. In Moroccan workshops, bolds are produced with bold yet simple designs which blend in with all types of interior.

The weaving traditions of the Persian rug have been preserved through the workshops of the innovative master weaver. Habibian has built on the timeless beauty of antique objects. And that created a glorious modern Persian style of modern Persian rugs.

Which Type Carpet Will Perfect?

If you are trying to decide between old and modern rugs, then the most important idea is how a living room carpet affects you. Every carpet flooring, whether ancient or Modern, is a character. The typical nuances of colour, shape or texture in a carpet can be more attractive than you. The age or lineage of a carpet is not as important as it appeals to you and how well it can be integrated into your life or workplace.

Each modern rug always seems like a piece of art. Try to find out what attracts you in the carpet and which elements make unique pieces or stand. Find reputable carpet experts and use your expertise and knowledge to help in your own expansion. You will be able to choose the supplements of your tastes. You just need to set a mood and give vibrations and solidarity to your living place.

Where to Buy

So, After reading our blog you must be planning to buy both types of the rugs online India. Also, you must in search of a place where you can find the best class online carpets and rugs for the living room. If yes then you don’t have to go anywhere because we will deliver your favourite living room carpet at your doorstep. Only you have to visit our online home store “Rugsville” and then have to buy your favourite area rugs online. So, don’t wait and buy one.

Online Carpets Shopping Tips and Tricks

How To Choose and Buy Online Carpets Smartly

Lately, we received many questions about online carpets and rugs. How do we find them What kind of content and design do we like best? How to clean and care for them so that they remain long lasting?. At what price we have to buy. The truth is that to understand about the living room carpet flooring is complicated. They can be costly. And they are definitely one of those things that you can get “wrong”. But do not be afraid!  we are here to help you in choosing the best carpets and rugs online for your home.

carpets online india

Choosing Correct Size Carpets Online

We like big size online carpets and we can not lie. This is because they usually speak: when it comes to the rug, it is better. You obviously do not want anything that hits the baseboard. Because it is too oversized, but a goodly liberally shaped floor carpet and rugs can make a room spacious and welcoming while a very small rug can be a small place Can feel saucy. In most cases, you can almost go from wall to wall just leaving one leg or two boundaries around each edge. For example, You can choose 10×14 size living room rug from our collection, it will fit with your bedroom floor nicely, adds some softness and pattern, and generally feels the room more polished and full.

But in the large rooms or open spaces, a rug that can be impractical for the space (or your wallet) – the second way of determining the size is to ensure that the “connect” of the furniture in your rug room Works to help you define a functional area. For example, the living room at our showhouse was opened in the kitchen, so we used this 9 x 12 ” online carpets to help define the seating area, to make sure that the sofa, chair, and table all are connected to it.

Online Carpets Designs

While we have used so many solid color rugs in the past, we have learned over time that we usually prefer online carpets with patterns. Obviously, patterns can add some visual interest to a room, but we also love to hide it in wearing. For special impact, you can choose large traditional Turkish and Persian carpets online India for three high traffic areas in your house. Why? Because complex patterns and dark colors are incredibly forgiving, and we also find them interesting and beautiful from the sight.

Although you can worry that their color and pattern will be very demanding, they almost act as a neutral in our house, due to the fact that they can almost be layer anywhere. In fact, we are sure that we can swap this bonus room carpet flooring for one in our bedroom and it will work there too. Beware of using heavy pattern sofa or curtain.

For our love for traditional carpets, there are other small-scale geometric patterns. The more difficult the pattern is or the more diverse. The better it is to hide the pieces or whatever is in your rugs, the better. For example, in kitchens, if you used a light colored living room carpet, which appeared to be dingy and dirty with both randomized cooking sprinters or dusty footprints over time. They were also very cheap / low quality, which did not help either. Meanwhile, you can use a kitchen runner, that will remain neutral. And could dry out in the sunlight.


You must buy 100% natural material made online carpets – such as 100% wool, cotton, etc. You can also buy natural fiber rugs, such as a simple runner for your kitchen. In fact, you should try to avoid the online carpets that mix many materials.

like 90% of a fiber, and 10% others. Why? Because after some days it can generate many issues with endangered, blurred, and sometimes overlooked). We read some articles about living room carpet materials and a mixture of fiber is usually an indication that they are made from low-quality materials (such as olefin, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.) which may not feel well below And wear it over time too.

You should give priority to a natural fiber made living room carpet. The first reason: the wool is so luxurious, the cotton is soft ( easy to give machine wash) and even the right jute can feel good under the bottom (our kitchen runner There is no scratch). Second is durability and longevity. These materials are made for the long haul. And their fibers are also great for keeping clean. I’m probably tilting myself to say this, but there can be no single stain that you could not remove from our wool, cotton or jute home carpet.

Carpets and Rugs Cleaning

The way you can try to maintain and clean your cotton and wool carpet flooring, it is the same. You can vacuum regularly, and if spilled something on the carpet, you can clean only with a ton of water (to raise water with whatever water rises). You can also apply mild soapy water to remove the stain. And of course, if it is our simple runner in the kitchen, then we are known to dump any spots on it, shaking it out, and just let it dry in the sun before bringing it back. so easy.


These days there are endless sources to buy carpets and rugs online in India but prominent are few. According to me, you should choose a store which serving their services and product for a long time like Rugsville. They have the best collection of online carpets and rugs. And all the rugs they have are handmade which makes them more durability rather than another type of online carpets. So, if you want online carpets at a big discount, you can buy under their season sale offer. To avail this discount you have to use a coupon code “SEASON10” while placing an order online.

Kashmir Carpets Online India and its Types

Know About The Different Types of Kashmir Carpets Online India

Handmade Kashmir carpets are to enhance the interior beauty of your home’s. Available in various sizes and many designs. You have many options to choose from handmade rugs and carpets from which you can choose the best one. If you are looking for a luxurious and unique carpet that looks royal in some place then there is only one option and this is a special handmade Kashmir silk carpet. These type of online carpets carries the entire house together and without it the house is incomplete. The Kashmiri carpet has its history around the world and it is famous for its rich and unique designs as a treasure.

kashmiri carpets

History of Kashmir Carpets

The origins of Kashmir carpets in world history still remain unknown. The history of these online carpets carries us back in the period of Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, a Sufi mystic who came from Persia to illuminate the people of Kashmir and through the silk route, the highly skilled craftsmen and the people of Kashmir Were brought to a new business. Kashmiri carpets are hand-woven beauties of luxurious art detailing on the texture, material, technique and ornamental imagery and motifs used.

circular rugs carpet runner kashmiri carpet carpets online india kashmiri rugs

Kashmir Carpets Making

The factory in Kashmir is locally known as the Kharkhana, the workplace where the weavers work together to prepare the masterpieces of art. During their various stages of working on the living room carpet, the families sit together on a carpet Generally, it takes an average of 2 years to complete a living room carpet. Depending on the size and design, a carpet may take longer. Carpeting is a three-step process that involves many people starting with a designer, Dyer, and finally, Weaver ends with a businessman who brings them into the world.

Famous Designs of Kashmir Carpets

Driven by making Persian carpets, Kashmiri weavers initially designed them like Dame Designs and motifs, which were classified as Oriental Carpet. However, over time, the Kashmiri artisans improved and new indigenous designs and models were inspired in this native craft. Thousands of different formats and imagery are used in the Kashmiri online carpets, some of the popular carpet formats are:-

  • Gulabdar– Rose of Kashmir
  • Tree of Life – Majestic tree depicting home for native birds.
  • Gumm– Maze pattern.
  • Bagdar – The Garden View.
  • All over – A field where floral pattern spread.
  • Dabdar – The box pattern.
  • Lotus–  Lotus flower induced pattern.
  • Khatam Band– Complicated wood art inspired nature.

Hamdan, Ardabil, Kashan, Kirman, and Tabriz other famous carpet forms which really inspired by Persian art.

Tips To Care Kashmir Carpets

Take Off Your Shoes
To keep your luxury living room Kashmir carpets clean, take off your shoes. Feel the softness of premium silk from Kashmiri online carpets with your bare feet. Use clean indoor slippers on your carpet, which will reduce your carpet cleaning time.

Regular Vacuuming
This will ensure the life and cleanliness of your Kashmiri carpet.

Remove Stain Immediately
Do not wait for the stain to soak.  Go for it immediately. Apply the wipe agent directly to the stain. Let it stand for 10 seconds and then remove it. Delete it. Always use a sponge with clean water to remove the stain.

Professional Cleaners
Go for professional carpet cleaners every year or two.

Where To Buy

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