Modern Carpet : A Flooring Solution to Invite Style In Your Home

Experience The Magic of Modern Carpet in Your Home Improvement

The all love experienced designers made things because their creations come out as the result of their huge experience in the form of a beautiful thing. And while they made anything, they always keep many things in mind like, where it going to belong. The things they made always look awesome and beautiful. In their every creation, you can see the magic of designs those converted a low-cost piece into a valuable thing. We also have the best collection of their beautiful collection in the form of Designer modern carpet. After installing these living room carpets, you will definitely experience the magic of their designs and art on the face of your guest.

modern carpet carpet design modern modern rugs for living room designer rug living room carpets

Beauty of Modern Carpets

We all love decorative things but nothing can compete with the beauty of modern carpet. These are like the bunch of modern art and results of experienced artisans those made these living room carpet by following hand knotted technique. That means each design on all designer modern carpet is created while weaving it. To give true colours in the designs, we use the best quality long lasting colours that can easily match your home interior scheme. To give you a quality product, our carpet weavers weaved these carpets by making knots by knots and to give rich soft feeling to your feet, we made these with best quality wool. If you are searching for best matching online carpets, you should visit our store and then have to look on our modern rugs and carpet.

How to Install

The living room carpets area generally used only for flooring purpose to protect themselves from cold floors to provide friction, etc. We almost know about all possible ways to install living room carpets but there are many alignments you might be aware. So, here we are giving some home improvement ideas which can amazingly covert living room into a beautiful room:

  • Designer modern rugs and carpets look like a beautiful painting. So, you don’t you are using these like a wall decor just by hanging on the wall. And I am sure you get a positive result after hanging it on the wall in your drawing room.
  • If you have a modern runner carpet and rugs then you can make this a part of your dining table by spreading it over it. It will convert your dull dining table into attractive one.
  • If you have a transparent table in your home then you can make spread your designer rug under it. This will highlight each design among your guest when they will see over on your table.
  • Or there are many ways you can explore while decorating your home like you can hang it outside of your windows, in the hallway, on the stairs, etc.

If you are an art lover and home decoration is a hobby of yours then you should welcome modern carpet in your home. We have a wide collection of designer modern carpet and the abstract art done on these will definitely make your living room special for you. Want to buy online carpets, you should visit Rugsville- Home Store online.

Silk Carpet: An Eco-Friendly Flooring Solution

Secrets Behind Eco-Friendly Silk Carpet

The  Silk fabric is famous is around the world and the things made with this too like silk, etc. We also made something special for you which are silk carpets. If you are searching for a living room carpet flooring that can match every home style, from vintage house looks to a more modern vogue then this rug can be a perfect choice. And its beautiful designs will fill your home with its shine when you will stall this carpet flooring in your living room. Here, in this blog, we will discuss its making, from where you can buy this type of online carpets at best price. So, here you will get all answer about the Silk carpet.

indian silk carpet carpets online india living room carpet carpet flooring

Making of Silk Carpet

The Silk Carpets can suit any type interior and make it very beautiful. To make these, the living room carpet weaver first unraveled the silk yarn from old silk sarees. These yarn hand-knotted to craft this living room carpets also its every design also made while weaving it. Each carpet is a single piece of art depends on the saris collected to extract out the yarn. The combination of different-different color yarn made these floor carpets truly special. Generally, the pattern of these type floor carpets looks like Ikat pattern. And if you compare any silk rug with any rug you will find totally different.

Tips To Care

If you have a silk carpet flooring and you want to keep it for decades then you should know about all the things related to its care. Here we pointing some tips on which you should consider if you really love your shiny silk carpets:

  • Always use a brushless vacuum to clean up your silk floor carpet.
  • If there are fringes on it fringes then never try to pull these because it will damage the foundation. Before start cleaning your silk carpet, you can use a brush/broom to comb and straighten the fringes.
  • Always install a rug pad under your silk carpet to keep it safe.
  • Don’t place any heavy thing on your soft floor carpet also use a barrier in between of furniture legs and carpet.
  • If you are transferring the furniture from one place to another which is placed on it then never drag over it. You should transfer your furniture from one place to another by properly lifting up from you silk carpet.
  • You can give regular wash to your silk carpet like all carpet flooring
  • You should never do steam or chemical dry cleaning.

So, by above point, you can easily take care your silk carpet. And if you are searching for online carpets made for which is best in appearance and good quality wise then you should visit Rugsville-Online Home Store. Here you can find the best collection of hand-knotted silk carpet online at best price.


Transitional Carpets for Attractive Home Interior

Welcome Adorable Oriental Art in the Form of Transitional Carpets

The Oriental designs of Asian countries are world famous. And the things related it is also got popularity as well. Many peoples those love unique art welcoming these arts in the form of decorative items. But in the selection of perfect decorative items and the way we can install these can create difficulties like whether it matches with interior or not. If are also in this doubt then don’t need to panic. Because the things having oriental designs on it are made for the special type interior. If you want to give your living room an attractive royal look then these Oriental designed things can only do it for you. We also love this art and brings something for you to make your home special after breaking the chain of its limited uses. Here we are presenting Transitional carpets and rugs. In these living room carpets, you will see the beauty of oriental designs and a little touch of modern style.

traditional rugs transtional rugs runner rugs floor carpet living room carpet

Perfect Spaces

The Transitional carpets are like a bunch of oriental designs crafted in a modern style, which can brighten alone your home with its reflection. These type of carpets can be a perfect solution flooring for any type interior. But you should know about its alignment to get an effective result in your home improvement. So here we are suggesting some spaces for installing these type living room carpets to make your decoration effective:


If you heard ever heard “Hallway”, a picture of the narrow path will surely flash in front of you. And this narrow empty way can create an odd impression on your guest. So, why we are not understanding the narrow hallway as an important portion of our home if this path can impress your guest in one stroke. So, according to us, you should also decorate this portion too by installing transitional carpets over there. And we are sure it will surely impress your guest when they will walk through your hallway.


As we discuss above the transitional carpets can match any type interior. So, you can install these living room carpet in between of your round furniture. It will surely become a focal point of your living room.

As Wall Decor

The trend of using of regular things like painting, mirrors, stickers, etc. gone old to decor wall. Now the people are using living room carpet as a wide painting by hanging on the wall and inviting in their home art gallery. And this great idea working like for them as a weapon in the mission to create full, interesting, and beautiful rooms.

Like us, you can do many experiments in your home improvement with transitional carpets and rugs. If you are searching for the best collection of transitional carpets online then you can visit our RugsvilleHome Store online. Here, you can find a wide collection of transitional carpets weaved by experienced rug waivers which can easily match with your interior.



Grab Amazing Deals Under Our Clearance Sale on Carpet Flooring

Get Your Dream Carpet Flooring Online Under Our Clearance Sale

Every person in the entire world loves to decorate their home. For this, they install decorative items but they always forgot to decor their flooring. Some ignore to make attractive their floors due to lack of money or not found a correct rug ever at a low price. So, here we presenting an attractive offer for you which will turn your entire home interior from the soul. So, here we are presenting a perfect carpet flooring solution in the form of adorable area rugs to make convert your shelter into a dream home. And if you are thinking about the price of these then we are happy to disclose our surprise that, we put these rugs for sale at a heavy discount. So it is a good chance to make your home interior just like you want. So don’t wait and get your favorite carpet flooring under our carpet clearance sale.

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What is in Our Clearance Sale?

We are not offering the only bundle of wool under our carpet flooring and rugs sale in India. But under our clearance sale, you will definitely find your desired rug which will surely match your style and will enhance your living room. Under our sale, you will get best designer carpet flooring which are nicely crafted by weaving using best quality wool. And to ensure durability our experienced rug weaved these rugs with their hand. So, here you will get the true handmade rug on which even each design by the following hand knotted technique. If you are searching for floor carpet online sale then you should visit our online home store. Here we are offering best class designer modern, tribal, transitional, tribal and many other carpet types.

Benefits of Our Clearance Sale

Their many sales may be running on the many online home store but did you aware of the quality standard of their product. Also, what they are selling, is the rug price is reasonable, etc. There are many lots of things those can turn your deal in worst one. So, why don’t you are choosing the best quality type rug for floorings like hand knotted and hand tufted rugs and carpet flooring? If you have the option to choose correct carpet flooring at a reasonable price without getting trapped in found deals. So, don’t wait and participate in our mega carpet online sale by visiting Rugsville- home store online. From our store you can buy Persian, Tribal, Floral, Overdyed carpets online in the budget.

Moroccan Rugs: An Authentic Tribal Carpets For Home

Moroccan Rugs- If Searching For Authentic Tribal Carpets

The Moroccan rug is a most popular rug type and its got fame due to its rich benefits and qualities. These type of tribal carpets are originated from a famous country “Morocco”. And that place bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why the climate of that place is moderate and subtropical, cooled by breezes off the Atlantic and Mediterranean. So, to prevent from these breezes, people craft these Moroccan Rugs with dense weave wool thread. This dense weaved tribal carpets not allow air to pass from itself even its thickness is equal to the bedsheet. Like these are preventing the peoples from cold we also bring you best collection of Moroccan Rugs to prevent you from cold floors.

moroccan rug tribal carpet online carpets carpets online india carpet flooring

Benefits Of Having Moroccan Rugs

As we discussed above, the Moroccan rugs can prevent us from the cold by providing insulation. So, by installing these rugs on the floor you can keep away yourself from cold floors. Its dense weave surface will not allow cold pass from floor to your feet. And if you are thinking about its appearance then the Moroccan style rugs tribal pattern is world famous. Many of the peoples around the world are using these to give their living room an authentic modern look. Also loving its rich soft pile surface. There are many types of Moroccan rugs are available in the market like Modern, Tribal like Beni Ourain ( famous for soft shaggy surface and tribal pattern), etc. We also have the best collection of these type tribal carpets which can give your room a unique attractive look.

Where to Buy

As we know, there are many carpets and rug store available online or offline selling cheap Moroccan rugs in their store. The major reason behind this fraud is lack of knowledge about this type rug. So, before buying any Moroccan carpet online or offline you should have good knowledge related to these type area rugs. And if you don’t have then we recommend you to buy handmade. We are also a rugs store and we have a wide collection of many type rugs including Moroccan rugs. We have Persian, Modern, Transitional, Tribal, Overdyed, etc. and all are handmade. So, if you buy from us you will always get assured of quality. So, if you are searching for best Moroccan rugs and carpets online you should visit Rugsville- A trusted home store online.


Best Living Room Carpet for Home Improvement

Choose Best Living Room Carpet To Make Your Home Interior Special

We all love carpets flooring due to its design, pattern, etc. Most probably, many peoples buy these according to beauty, without thinking about durability. Because they think that, “There is no possibility of getting quality with attractions together”. So, to prove them wrong and make them aware about our good quality living room carpet in which you can find both things. So with our carpets, you can give attractive look without getting the trapped puzzle of low-quality living room carpet attraction.

tribal rugs traditional carpets modern rugs carpet flooring

Tribal Carpet

Our main motive behind making Tribal living room carpet is to preserve our old ancient traditional art. So, to craft Tribal carpet flooring our rug weave these by following hand knotted technique to give a most durable. Under that technique, the whole carpet crafted by making knots by knots which provide this a long life. On our Tribal carpet flooring, you will see an amazing blend of colours in the form of beautiful traditional designs. And, we are sure you guest will fall in love with beautiful designs which are created by our experienced weavers. You can place our tribal carpets anywhere in your home like in the bedroom, dining room, drawing room, etc. It will fill your living with its beauty.

Transitional Carpets

Our transitional carpet is known for an amazing blend of traditional and modern art. These type of carpet flooring are basically prepared on the theme traditional art which we got as a beautiful gift from our ancestors and then amazingly transformed in a modern look. To Achieve this our experience rug crafted these by mixing modern art in traditional design. To make their traditional art long live, our experienced living room carpet weavers weaved these type of carpet flooring by making knots by knots. So, if you have a wide room and you are searching for an attractive living room carpet to surprise your guest then a transitional living room carpet can do it for you.

Modern Carpet

If you planned to give your living room a modern look then we also have wide collection modern living room carpet. Like above carpet, our rugs weavers also weaved these by following best hand knotted technique to give you a very durable living room carpet. In our modern carpet flooring, you can see an amazing blend of colourful designs, created by making multiples knots.
So, with these type of durable carpets, you can give your living room true traditional, vintage as well as modern look without wasting money on low-quality carpet flooring. If you want to buy a living room carpets online.



Persian Carpet To Make Appear Your Living Room Larger

Best Ways to Install  Persian  Rugs To Make Your Living Room Larger

We all love to live in apartments but we also don’t like one thing which is the small size of rooms. And many things like built-in furniture, to the strategic use of paint and light. But the small rooms can be made to look larger by creating a distinguishable focal point. To achieve this, the installation of a Persian rug under the furniture is enough but in different ways. Because the beauty of Persian Rugs is can attract anyone toward itself. So, in this blog, we tell you about perfect spaces and the rugs alignment to make your room appear larger. Also, we will also tell you about the place where you can find best quality Persian Rugs Online at best price.

persian rugs online persian carpet persian carpet designs persian carpets online india

Creating Illusion Of Size

If you purchased a Persian rug but in small size in comparison to your living room then you are doing wrong if not following a correct way. Because a small size area rug can make your home appear small also can create a disjointed feel. But, we have the best idea to handle this situation which is “Create Illusion of Size”. To achieve this you have to read each point shown below:

Color Selection

A lighter color Persian Rugs can expand the appearance of a room visually. As we know, brighter color reflects more light that’s why the room feels more open. So, you should choose a light color Persian style rug to get a positive result.


Choose the best matching Persian carpet that can easily match with your floor or with your furniture. And, if you have a small Persian Rug then try two show its maximum part by without covering with any furniture. By this method, you can give easily expose the beauty of your hand knotted designer Persian rug.

Finding The Perfect Persian Rug

There are many types of Persian style rugs are available in the market by weave type, the material used, design etc. If you want to give your home a focal point then a hand-knotted oriental designed Persian style rug will be perfect for you. These type of rugs are generally known for Comfort, strength, longevity, and design, etc. And for better quality Persian carpets online India, you should visit Rugsville- Online Home Store. Only here you can find best class handmade rugs online made of silk, wool, cotton, jute, etc. at the lowest price.

Perfect Places to Install Runner Rugs at Home

Runner Rugs To Make Narrow Spaces Attractive

Many of peoples don’t know about the runner rugs or maybe not heard before about it. But we are sure they saw these type of area rugs many time may be in store, television serials, etc. These type of carpet runner are looks like other type rugs but these are longer in comparison to its width that’s why its look little bit differ from another type rugs. So, because of its special shape its installation is also differ and here we are going to aware of the perfect places to install these carpet runners. Also, we will tell you about the store from where you can buy these runner rugs online.

floor runner rug jute runner rug kitchen carpet runner staircase carpet runners

1. A Hallway

If your home has a long, monotonous hallway then you can create interest by installing a beautiful runner rug. As their shape matches perfectly that’s why these are most commonly used in hallways. But to keep your expensive runner in perfect condition for a long time, you should choose low traffic area. If you are searching for the best collection of carpet runners for hallways, you can visit our online home store.

2. On Stairs

Generally, the major accident occurs in most of the home is due to slippery stairs. To reduce the probability of happening these type accidents in the home you can install runner rugs. This will make your stair very attractive, will increase friction underfoot to give grip to your feet, reduce noise and preserve stairs, etc. As carpet runners can be customized according to your stairs. So the installation of the carpet runners is so simple.

3. The Entryway

As we ever heard idioms that is “The first impression is the last impression”. So, According to this your home only an entryway of your home can decide the whole beauty of your home. To give your home an attractive, elegant look you can install runner rugs of having beautiful designs on it.

4. Next To The Bed

Let’s suppose you wake up and your feet touch the dirty floor, you will really don’t like this. We, all love soft, gentle bouncy floor and it can only be achieved by installing a runner rugs beside of your bed. It will also protect your bed from getting dust on it by cleaning your feet regularly.

5. A Studio Apartment or Open Floor Plan

To define areas and separate spaces of your rooms separated by walls you can use runner carpets and rugs. If you want to give your bedroom, living room, hall, etc. by installing a runner rug and searching for best rug store for it you can visit Rugsville- Online Home Store. Only here, you can get you best matching runner rugs online at best price.

All The Secrets Behind Overdyed Carpets

Surprising Facts About to Overdyed Carpets

The Overdyed carpets are also known with the name distressed rugs. These type of carpets is the beautiful result of crossover between fashion and home décor. And in short duration, these type of carpets become very popular around the world. Because by this technique people got a chance to use their million dollars carpet in a new look. Also, this blast change in rug industries allows the people to preserve beautiful memories attached with their rugs. Like this,  there are many beautiful things about overdyed carpet after knowing these you will really fall in love with these type of carpets. So, here we make you aware of all the beautiful things related to overdyed carpets by revealing all the secrets behinds it.

traditional rugs online modern carpet texture modern area rugs modern rugs online modern carpet texture

Manufacturing of Overdyed Carpet

Manufacturing of these type rugs so simple but after getting positive results from this experiment, many carpet makers are following different techniques. And here, we will explain about simple techniques used in making these type of rugs and carpets steps by steps.

Step1: Selection of Carpet

Before applying any dye on the rug to make it an overdyed carpets, you should choose a right rug. Because there are many carpets type on which the effect of dye will become vain. Like, the hand-tufted rugs and carpets the made by punching a design into a stenciled canvas and this not allow the dye to fully absorb. So, the hand-tufted rugs can’t convert into these type carpets.  But on some type rugs made of polypropylene, silk, etc the effect of dyes can be negligible because these materials do not have the ability to absorb color dye. These type of rugs cannot be transformed into overdyed rugs. So, you can convert only wool, cotton made rugs in an overdyed carpet.

Step2: Washing

In this step, some residue is removed by merging the carpet in water and rinsing after applying detergent on it.

Step3: Desaturation

Under this step, the carpet is dipped in warm water with a combination of Soda Ash and Thiox. After that, the rug goes through a gentle agitation process and finishes with soaking in a bath. By this process, the original color of the rug becomes extracted out from it.

Step 4 Dyeing

In this step this, carpet goes through the soaking process with the hand mixed dye. Under this, the rug submerged in citric acid mixed hot water. After this process, a brilliant saturated color is achieved. But for getting a quality result, the rug weaver must use vegetable dyes.

Step 5 Rinsing and Drying

After above steps, the dyed overdyed carpet is allowed to drained and after that, it goes through a washing process to remove excess dye. After that, the rug is allowed to dry.

Where To Buy

If you are searching something for modern carpets to give your living room an authentic modern look then you should visit our online home store. Because here you will get the best collection of overdyed carpet those are prepared in many ways. We have patchwork overdyed carpets those are prepared by cutting a rug in pieces, joining again and dyed over it. Many traditional overdyed carpets prepared by taking vintage traditional carpets and dye over it, you’ll definitely love these.  So, don’t wait and visit Rugsville Online Home Store to get the best deals on all type carpets online with free shipping





Best Things About Handmade Designer Rugs

It’s All About Beauty of Handmade Designer Rugs

Want to give your home interior and exterior an appealing look? Then you should invest your money on area rugs instead of purchasing useless antique or modern things like statues, frames, etc. By adding a colorful designer rug with furniture you can give your home a bold stylish look. There are many types of designer rugs are available in the market in many categories like modern, traditional rugs, etc. But the best part of these rugs that make you fan is appealing designs. So, here we also presenting some designer rugs to make your home indoor-outdoor attractive. And to give you the best match of your furniture, hardwood flooring, etc.

designer shaggy carpet floral carpet designs carpet design designer rugs online designer carpet

All About Designer Rugs

These type of rugs are said to be “Designer Rugs” because these rugs are specially crafted by experienced rug designers. Having a good knowledge of all type designs and patterns like Modern Traditional, etc. First, for all the best quality wool dyed with long-lasting color is taken to weaved these rugs. To give you best floor carpet designs and make you feel awesome, our expert rugs created these designs by weaving. our all rugs made of best quality material and weaved by following hand knotted technique. In Our designer rugs collection, you can find the wide range of Traditional, modern, transitional rugs online to make your home attractive. And all are crafted by experienced designers to give the best quality rug to fill the whole requirement of your flooring.

Best Places to Install Designer Rugs

Like all type rugs, you can install in any space of your home like in the bedroom, dining room, balcony, garden, etc. It will always give you a unique look. But there are some spaces where you must place your designer carpets to get the positive effect in your home decorations such as:

  • You can give a special attractive look to your dining room by placing a Designer runner rugs on the table.
  • Also, you can place a designer runner rug beside of your bed. And we are sure you feel awesome your feet will touch the soft pile surface of the designer rugs.
  • Also, you can place your designer carpets in between of your furniture.
  • If you want to give your garden a special look by placing a designer carpet then we have a great idea. You can place designer carpets under a transparent table to give your outdoor furniture a special look.
  • Only spreading designer rugs simply at the center of the hall will give your home interior an appealing look.

By following up on points you can make your home interior and exterior an appealing look. If you want to make the designer rugs a partner of your family then we have the best collection of Designer carpets online crafted by experienced rugs weavers then you should visit our Rugsville- Online Home Store. Only here you can find the best matching rug to decor your home interior and exterior.