Best Yoga Mat Alternatives For Refreshing Your Life

Yoga Mat Alternatives For Refreshing Workout

The ” Yoga-Emphasizing physical exercises to master the body along with mind”. Originated from  Buddhism and Hinduism Culture in India. It teaches you, “how to take control of your body and on your mind as well”. Regular yoga meditation can strengthen your body and can convert you into a Superhuman. It boosts up your Aura-Human energy field. After coming that theory,  many people get inspired started to follow Yoga Meditation. The selling graph of a yoga mat in entire India is the proof of increasing interest in Yoga. If you also making interest in Yoga and can’t find a perfect Yoga mat, so here we are helping you. There are many Yoga mats alternatives those can fill your Yoga Time full of comfort and fresh. It is a beautiful carpet type easily available online in India.

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Yoga Mat Features

To move your mind into full relax mode the yoga is an only key. To make you comfortable at that time, a perfect yoga mat plays an important role. For selecting perfect yoga mat or it alternative you must know about the features of it:

  • The standard thickness of Yoga Mat should be 1/8th Inch. If you can’t carry much weight you can choose 1/16 inch thickened mat.
  • Don’t choose too much lengthy and thickened yoga mat so it can create trouble for you in folding and in carrying.
  • A standard Yoga made should be made of PVC, natural and recycled rubber, jute, and organic cotton or natural cotton. It should dictate its texture, stickiness, eco-friendliness, and sponginess (how much it yields to pressure), and how it wears over time.
  • A yoga mat should provide maximum traction. So, choose perfect texture according to it. Its Backing should not skid.
  • A stickiness Yoga Mats is also a good factor because it maintains your alignment as you move from one pose to another, as well as when you hold poses for several seconds.
  • Must be Eco-friendly that means made from natural or recycled rubber. It will help to keep our Earth Healthy with You.
  • Choose good graphic designed for refreshing your mood too.

If these features not matches in your Yoga mat and you are searching a perfect alternative to overcome these requirements then you must read below.

Dhurrie- A Perfect Alternative of Yoga Mat

Dhurries are the oldest flooring thing in India. The Dhurries are mostly made of jute, cotton, etc. similar to Yoga Mats. These are flat weaved type so its tough surface will help you to maintain your alignment while doing Yoga. The spongy surface will make you feel relax. Dhurrie is a good absorber of moisture So, it can easily absorb sweat of yours while doing Yoga or Meditation. The thickness of it is similar to the Yoga Mat. So, you can carry it easily from one place to another by folding it. The best thing in Dhurrie is that you can use it from both sides. The durability of Dhurrie rug is very good because of best weaving technique used.

Where To Buy

To keep you always happy the Rugsville-A Premier Home Store Online brought you a great collection of Dhurries. These flatweave Dhurries area crafted by expert artisans and they designed these amazingly in many patterns. In the collection of Dhurries, they have modern, tribal, southwestern, kilims, etc. The best thing in their Dhurries is durability, designs and pattern, etc. And all the features of their Dhurries almost matches with the Yoga Mats. So, you can browse Rugsville and can get the benefits clearance sale heavy discount along with free shipping.



Best Tips of Rugs and Carpet Cleaning At Home

Best and Easy Tips For Rugs And Carpet Cleaning At Home

Decorating homes by installing carpets and area rugs is the common thing which we always follow in the India. The main reason behind decorating our homes is that by installing it we can change our home appearance quick and easily. So, the use of carpets and area rugs in decorating our home can be the best choice.

how to clean carpet and rugs

Along with all beautiful advantages of area rugs and carpets, there are several things that we have to do regularly that means its maintenance and care. For this purpose, most of the people depend on the Rugs and Carpet cleaning service providers in India. And these service providers give us a big amount bill for carpet cleaning. To reduce this bill you must learn “How to Clean Carpet and Rugs Yourself Easily”. So, here we will discuss all the things related to it and also will discuss how low maintenance rugs can also reduce your expenses.

Choose Low Maintenance Rugs and Carpets

There are many reasons for a big bill in area rugs and carpet cleaning in India. According to us, the main reason behind this much expenses is buying high maintenance area rugs. Because we do not understand that an attractive area rug can require more maintenance rather than other carpets or rugs. So, before buying any rugs you must think twice or thrice about the maintenance of it. Because, if we brought expensive area rugs of carpet and required high maintenance too that means you wasted your money. Because regular and excessive cleaning can vanish its, quality and durability as well. So, here we are recommending a store you can find low maintenance carpets and area rugs online in India. And these rugs will definitely reduce your tension regarding “How to Clean Carpet and Rugs”. They have best quality Persian, Transitional, Tribal, Kilims, Ikat, Designer, Modern Carpets online India.

rugs cleaning india

Tips for Clean Carpet and Rugs At Home

The Area Rugs and Carpet cleaning for expensive rug owners because we have to pay for hire carpets cleaner, convey charges, cleaning expenses etc. it means a big amount bill along with lots of physical work. But the best way to overcome these expenses by self-area rugs and carpet cleaning. So, here we are describing some points those will really help you with maintenance and clean carpet and Rugs:

  • To beware from clean carpets and rugs don’t install your expensive wool rugs in high traffic areas
  • Try to install Olefins or Polymer area rugs at high traffic areas because it has low tendency to absorb moist and dust and easy to clean.
  • Choose kilims for furniture installation purpose because you can use it from both sides, most durable and required low maintenance.
  • Jute Rugs also be the best choice because the probability of getting dirty of that type rug is lesser than any other Rugs
  • If you installed cotton area rugs at your home then regular vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning will be best.
  • For Olefin Shaggy carpets and carpet cleaning, use normal water wash.
  • Use rug pads to keep away from odor, dust, etc.

To buy such type of low maintenance area rugs and carpets Visit Rugsville- Premier  Home Store. If you buy any area rug from them you can also get benefits of huge discount on area rugs and carpets along with free shipping.

Best Easy Home Decor Ideas For Instant Result

Home Decor Ideas For Quick and Easy Attractive Transformation

In that fast life, the decoration of our home is really a big challenge. For home decor, we install many things some are much expensive but if you failed then it means you wasted our money and time as well. Either we purchased from a best online shopping portal or from the supermarket. Sometimes, lack of time is also a reason behind. After many time failure, we always do the same things again and again or search online for bets Home Decor Ideas. So, if you also searching for the same thing So, we came here to help you with quick easy home renovating tips. These tips will not only for help in decoration also will save your time.

Some Effective Home Decoration Ideas 

Most of the peoples those think that home decor can be possible by installing many expensive things but this idea work sometimes but it takes much time. To solve your quarries we are giving tips those can help you to easily transform your home into an attractive look.

  1. First of all, Selection of any decorative article should be perfect. When you installing any decorative things then first look at its colour, is it matching your living room interior.
  2. Try to install less number of decorative items
  3. If you are planning to purchase any home decor thing then don’t buy too expensive things if you are not sure that it can help you to decor your home.
  4. Choose your best attractive decorative article and place it at a most visible part of your home front facing.
  5. And the best Home Decor Idea is to try to choose large decorative things those are large in size for quick attractive home decor. So, we are recording some to attractive carpets or rugs because these are really attractive, durable and requires less maintenance. A carpet or rug is the only thing which can be easily installed and covers most of the area of a room, along with it, its attractive designs and pattern can easily brighten your home. So, Here we are recommending some attractive carpets and rugs that can give your home indoor-outdoor an attractive look.

Adorable Dhurries For Instant Decor

The dhurries are the most affordable thing because of low cost. It is also a common thing which is mostly available in every home. Dhurries are also known for its weaving that is “flatweave” at some places but the reason behind its popularity is its many beautiful advantages. Because of its beautiful advantages, we also designed some attractive dhurries in many looks, like modern, tribal, traditional, trellis, etc. Actually, we totally transform the look, pattern of dhurries to make it more attractive. So, if you want an  Idea that can transform your home into a low budget then Dhurries can be the best choice.

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Decor Your Home With Flowers

Flowers are the symbol of Happiness. If anyone gave flowers to their loved one, the happiness in the eye can be seen easily. The flowers on earth is a really a beautiful gift of God on earth. Because it is the things that bring always brings the smile on every face and reduces the sorrow. So, we also bring you beautiful collection of floral carpets collection to fill your home with flower and we are sure that these beautiful floral rugs always keep yours on your face. Our floral carpets are full of floral patterns and rich in quality because for making these we used high-quality materials and best knotting style for high durability.floral carpets online

Designer Shaggy Rugs For Rich Feel

The meaning of Home Decor is not only installing the things those are attractive in appearance if these are creating un-comfort in your home that means these are useless. So, here we came with a unique home decor idea that will make you feel comfortable along with beautifying your home. The shaggy rugs are a very cool thing, designed and crafted beautifully to make your floorings rich in look and well in comfort. If you are searching for a best modern carpet online in India which is rich in texture then Shaggy carpets can be the best choice.

shaggy carpets online india

If you like your best Home Decoration Ideas, our beautiful area rugs and carpets and want to see our best collection then you must visit our official Online home shopping website. Here your can buy Persian, Modern, Floral, Transitional, Kilims, Tribal, Shaggy, etc. So, visit Home Decor Store Website Rugsville in this festival season and get up to 60% discount along with the exciting gift.

Choose Best Home & Kitchen Carpets Online India

Decor Your Home With the Best Designer Home And Kitchen Rugs & Carpets Online India

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We all aware about the Diwali festival season coming very near along with the lots of excitement and Happiness. And we also know that, during this festival season along with the excitement the burden of shopping is also increasing. Because, in Diwali duration, we all Decorate our home & kitchen and for this, we plan to buy lot’s of new stuff like curtains, antiques, home accessories, rugs and carpets from the market but due to lack of time most of the people’s plans goes failed. So, if want to win in the competition of Shopping Home Renovating Stuffs, we bring you a best online Home & Kitchen shopping Store.

This Store consists the best collection of Designer area rugs and carpets online India. These carpets will give your home an instant attractive look. So, we are presenting some of our appealing designers to maximize your home indoor and outdoor appearance in a very mean time.

This Store consists the best collection of Designer area rugs and carpets online India will give your home an instant attractive look. So, here we are presenting some of our appealing designer’s carpets. So, you can easily maximize your home indoor and outdoor appearance in a very mean time.

Antique Persian Carpets Collection

Our Designers are very much expert in crafting any carpets, according to theme and requirement of the customer. So, we have all the carpets those will perfectly match your taste and requirement. If you are planning to transform your home in a Royal traditional look, you must watch on our great traditional carpet collection. We have Antique Floral, Traditional, Persian Carpets to enrich your home with the bright royal look. So, get brighten your Diwali Festival with rich designed traditional carpets. Here, we are presenting one of our beautiful traditional carpets.

Rugsville Hand Knotted Mahal Vegetable dyes Wool Rug 8'x 10'

Rich Persian Runners

We always think about not only your living room but also your complete home. So, we also have the best collection of Persian carpets that cover your whole home decor requirement. We have an exclusive collection of Persian Runners to decorate that covers your most traffic areas in your home like stairs, kitchen, beside the bed, etc. Our carpets not only designed to decorate your home but they also have all the feature those must have in a perfect floor covering carpets. So, you also can brighten your stairs and other areas of your home with our designer Persian runners.

Rugsville Ziegler Brown Runner Wool rug 2'6" x 20'

Royal Collection Of Round Persian Rugs

Give your home rich royal traditional look with our royal round Persian carpets by decorating your home courtyard. Because the courtyard is the main attraction of any home. To decorate the courtyard of your home we have an exclussive collection of best quality Persian Wool  Round Carpets to enrich your home courtyard with shiny bright Round Rugs. We also designed many large size round carpets those are durability to place your furniture on it and you can buy all these stuff directly from us. Rugsville Kashmir Silk Green Red Hand-Knotted Silk Rug 5' x 5'

Along with all these decorative carpets online India, we also giving free shipping facilities. So, enjoy this Diwali Sale on Home & Kitchen Stuffs with us.

Get Benefits of Diwali Offers on All Decorative Products

Rugsville Diwali Offers On All Home Decor Products

Diwali offersThe Diwali Festival is one of the biggest festivals in India. According to Indian people mythology, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. As the festival season is arriving the excitation among Indian peoples is also increasing. They are planning to renovate their home with decorative products like pillows, carpets and other Home Decorative items. But, As we live in an era of style even in the busy and hectic life the shopping from market shops is not possible.

To make your shopping easy and happy in this festival season the Rugsville brings you lots of attractive products and all are online.  So, you can purchase all the decorative items like rugs, carpets, pillows, etc from your home. To make this celebration happier and your investment profitable you can buy all the products online at best price by taking part in Rugsville Great Diwali sale.

Great Diwali Offers on Home Decorative Carpets

Most of the peoples are waiting for arriving of Great Diwali Offers. In this Diwali festival, you must be planning to decorate their homes by installing some attractive and unique home decor products. To make your home more attractive and appealing, Rugsville bring you a great Diwali Offer. To make this Diwali more special, Rugsville launches an online sale on all type decorative carpets rugs with a heavy discount.  So, get benefits of Diwali offer by buying carpets online. They have a wide collection of decorative and designer tribal, silk, modern, traditional, Persian carpets. So, here we are presenting some carpets those are really attractive in Design and crafted beautifully.

Rugsville Ziegler Black Wool Rug 6'x9'

Diwali offer On Decorative Pillow Covers

The Rugsville is also offering best deals on all home decor pillows and Pillow covers and offering a big discount. So, in this season you can decorate your bedroom with an exclusive collection of decorative pillows and pillow covers. The amazing thing in this deal that you can get your best pillow cover for the sofa, bed, etc. in lowest price. Here you can get pillows and pillow covers in a different pattern, style, sizes, hand printed, etc. So, celebrate this Diwali festival with Rugsville Diwali Offers on all decorative products.

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Rugsville Diwali Deals Save 60% Off And Get Free Surprising Gift On Every Purchase with Free Shipping !!




Give Shine To Your Home By Silk Carpets

Give Shiny Look To Your Home By Decorative Silk Carpets

The India is 2nd largest silk producing country. The India is the best place where you can find good quality and maximum variety of silk. Some varieties of silk are as commercial silks, namely, mulberry, tropical tasar, oak tasar, eri and muga, of which muga with its golden yellow glitter produced in India. From ancient time the people of India love to wear silk clothes to highlight themselves among the audience. Many to show their prosperity and wealthy status. To fill your home with the shine of silk brings you best collection of silk carpets. The Rugsville silk carpets are made of best quality silk. Here you buy beautifully designed hand-knotted Persian, Transitional, Kashmir silk carpets. From the best collection of Rugsville silk rugs, some are displayed below.

Ikat Sari Silk Hand Knotted Ivory Carpet

This Ikat Sari Silk Hand Knotted Ivory Carpet is made of sari silk and decorated using Ikat art on an ivory coloured background. To make it durable, good in texture hand knotted technique is used. When you will stand on this area rug you can feel the soft texture which will make you feel relax. The unique ikat art on it giving it a modern look which is enough to attract anyone. So, if you buy this product from Rugsville, you will definitely not disappointed.

Ikat Sari Silk Hand Knotted Ivory Rug 5' x 8'

Rugsville Kashmir Silk Red Black Hand-knotted Silk Carpet

This is a beautiful piece of art. If you are searching a Home Decorative Product that can fill your home with beauty and shine that this can be the best choice. The main attraction of this carpet is Kashmir art on it and the silk used to make it shiny. The composition of Kashmir art and silk making it more attractive. After that, it’s appealing oriental design and pattern giving it a beautiful appealing look. So, if you want to decorate your living room than the beauty of Kashmir silk Hand-Knotted Silk Carpet is enough.

Rugsville Kashmir Silk Red Black Hand-knotted Silk Rug 4' x 6'

Rugsville Kashmir Silk Red Black Hand-Knotted Silk Carpet

That round carpet made of best quality silk. In this Rugsville Kashmir Silk Red Black Hand-Knotted Silk Carpet is a masterpiece. That carpet beautifully decorated with oriental designs and pattern with red and black colour. To give it a good texture the artisans used Hand-Knotted Technique. So, if you want to decorate your home with a large round rug then this can be the best choice.

Rugsville Kashmir Silk Red Black Hand-Knotted Silk Rug

Where to Buy

If you are searching a place for best quality silk carpet online India that can match your requirement as well as beautify your home then Rugsville is the best home store. They have a beautiful collection of designer silk carpets with appealing traditional and modern designs. So, if you want to fill your home with shine then you must choose Rugsville silk carpet. Along with carpets, you can get the other benefits like free shipping, discount etc.

Best Collection of Tribal Rugs and Carpets For Beautify Your Home

All  About Tribal Rugs and Carpets for Beautify Your Home

We all know the importance of Area Rugs and Carpets. This is not only for the purpose of floor covering that also express your personality, lifestyle and much more. Because a carpet will first express most of the things about you and your style among your guest. So, here we will discuss thousand-year-old traditional Rug making art “Tribal Rugs”.The Tribal Rug and carpets weaving technique is a gift that is offered by ancestors of nomadic people. That rug making technique is about thousand years old. So, here we will discuss the best things related to Tribal rugs and carpets such as its beautiful features, designs, making, where to buy etc.

Tribal rugs

Best Features of Tribal Rugs and Carpets

The Tribal rugs and carpets are the most ancient art of Nomadic. The Nomadic peoples are still holding this art by making area rugs in the same way and preserving it as a gift of their ancestors. So, below we are mentioning some exciting features that will definitely excite you:

  • The Tribal rugs and carpets are very durable due to old knotting techniques used.
  • For colouring this carpet still vegetable dyes are used to give original texture and look.
  • Because of natural vegetable dyes, their colours will stay for a long time and free of chemicals.
  • In tribal rugs, the bold shapes or softer geometric designs are used that’s why their designs are unique, beautiful and attractive.
  • For making an original Tribal Rugs and carpets wool, silk, jute and any natural fibre may be used.
  • To make it durable and good in texture the artisans use hand knotted technique.
  • Basically, the tribal carpets are made in a rectangular shape.
  • Mostly, decorating Tribal rugs and carpets maximum contrast colours are used.

Designs and Patterns

The Tribal art is one of the oldest art in the world. The Tribal area rugs are famous due to bold pictures those seem like pilgrimage designs. The speciality of tribal rugs is its colourful patterns. For making unique tribal carpets the rug makers always believe in using a different type of hand knotting techniques.  According to types of pattern and designs, the tribal rugs have different types such as Gabbeh, Abadeh, Kazak, Serapi, and Yatak rugs.

Where to Buy

If you want to give your home a unique tribal look then you must try Tribal rugs and carpets. The use of Tribal carpet for home decoration is the best choice for giving your home a trendy look because its colourful pattern and design will fill your home with their colours. If you are planning to buy a Tribal Rugs and carpets online in India then you must visit Rugsville Online Home Store, the best home decor online shopping store for purchasing best price home decor products. Here you will find best of the best collection of Original Tribal Rug and carpets. Their carpets are best for durability, designs, colours, etc. Along with all beautiful features of their carpets and services, they will also offer free shipping charge facilities.



All About Beautiful Transitional Rugs and Carpets

All Beautiful Things About Transitional Rugs and Carpets

The transitional area rugs are the result of the fusion of Traditional and Modern Carpets. These carpets are made by using transitional style, that means classic with a contemporary twist. This fusion on carpet gives a special appearance. If you love traditional art and living in a modern society that’s why want to decorate your home by giving a modern look with traditional touch then you must try Transitional rugs and carpets. So, here in this blog, we will discuss all the beautiful features, manufacturing, where to buy, etc.

Rugsville transtional Carpets

Transitional Rugs and Carpets Features

If the tried decorate your home by installing an oriental area rug like Traditional, Persian, Tribal, etc or the modern rugs and carpets like contemporary carpets, then you will also like a fusion of both carpets. Along with this feature, we mentioning more below:

  • They mostly made by using hand knotted technique.
  • It will give your home modern traditional look.
  • These area rugs and carpets may be made with materials like silk, wool, etc.
  • The transitional area rugs mostly available in a rectangular shape.
  • On these rugs carpets the more contrast colors used for contrasting traditional designs.
  • The pile width of this area rug may be up to 10mm.
  • For decorating this area rugs most famous old classic designs like Oriental, Traditional, Persian, Gabbeh, Tribal, Floral, etc.
  • On perfect transitional rugs and carpets, the border is absent.

Rugsville Opera Silk & Wool Brown Rug 10086Rugsville Transistional Designer Gray Wool Silk Rug 8' x 10'  Rugsville Opera Wool Brown 8' x 10'    Rugsville Opera Wool & Silk Beige Rug 6' x 9'



The manufacturing of Transitional Carpet similar to all hand-knotted carpets. For making these rugs and carpets good quality material is used such as wool, silk, etc. While making these carpets, the rugs makers always keep the background of the area rugs light so they can contrast art with high contrasting colors. For modern look border, the rug artesian make it borderless. Below, you can see perfect examples of Transitional Rugs.

Transitional Carpet CareRugsville Transitional Rugs for Home

The care of this area rugs is similar to other home décor rugs. You can take care your transitional rugs by following some tips such as:

  • Keep cleaning your transitional carpet regularly by vacuuming or other technique
  • Don’t sense or smudge your Transitional rugs and carpets too much, it can damage your carpet.
  • Don’t try to pull rugs with loose ends of it.
  • Keep away your rug with moisture for this you can use the rug pad.
  • If any thread from any part comes out from the carpet then immediately cut from there, because it can damage the designs or pattern.

Where To Buy

If you are going to decorate your home by giving modern look then you must try transitional rugs and carpets. So, for the best collection of the transitional rug, you must go on the best home decor online shopping portal in India, Rugsville-Premier Home Store. Here, long with transitional area rugs, you can find Persian, Tribal, Shaggy, silk, Gabbeh carpets. So, choose a better brand for a better result like Rugsville.

Best Home Decor Online Shopping Website In India

Best Online Shopping Website for Home Decor

Today every people in the world is very conscious about upgrading their lifestyle according to the modern society.  They decorate themselves by wearing designer, clothes, accessories. Similarly, they decorate their home by purchasing home decor products like furniture, lighting, pillows, accessories, carpets, etc. from home decor online shopping store. So here we will discuss all the questions related to home decor. We will also give information about the best home decor online shopping website India.

A perfect solution of Home Decor

If you are searching for a perfect home decor online shopping store of where you can find all the decorative products then Rugsville is the best place for it. In Rugsville Online Shopping Website India for home decor, you can find all the decorative articles mostly used by interior-exterior designers. So, know you can decorate or renovate your home without taking investing money on interior-exterior designers. For home decoration, they have all the product like area rugs, carpets, pillow covers, accessories, etc in their best online home decor store. The Rugsville online store India is famous because they have a collection of all antiques, traditional, modern, contemporary carpets and pillow covers.Rugsville home decor products online india

Designer Carpets

The Tradition of Decorating homes by using decorative carpets is very old. In the era of king and queen, carpets are used to show royal and wealth. Now, this tradition is coming back. At present, many peoples using carpets not only floor covering they also use it to show their prosperity, royal, wealth, etc. They are using carpets in the kitchen, living room, indoor-outdoor, etc. If you are searching for an online shopping store for rugs then Rugsville is the best place. They have the best collection of antique Persian, shaggy, transitional, silk, modern, floral, dhurries, tribal for home IndiaRugsville area rugs online india

Designer Pillows

Along with furniture, the Rugsville have a wide collection of best designer pillows to give your furniture an appealing look. Their pillows are decorated with beautiful patterns, designs in attractive colours. To make give perfect look to your furniture you must try Rugsville Online Shopping Website. Here can also find best designer hand printed pillows and pillow covers for the sofa, bed, etc. in many shapes.Rugsville cushion covers online india


All things About Moroccan Carpets For Home Decor

Beautiful Things About Moroccan Carpets For Home Decor

Many peoples don’t know about the beautiful things Moroccan carpets such as its origin, manufacturing, advantages, and care. In the entire world, the Moroccan rugs are famous for its design, features, durability, etc. The Moroccan Rugs are may be very thick like a blanket which can insulate you from cold freezing wind or it can be very thin like your bed sheet. So, here we will discuss all the things related with Moroccan Rugs like its origin, manufacturing, care and where to buy.

Origin of Moroccan Carpets

The word Moroccan originated from Morocco. The Morocco is known as the Kingdom of Morocco. It is sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The tradition of Moroccan carpets making in Moroccan very old in the world. According to the rug makers in Morocco, the quality or a rug depends on the quality of wool and the quality of wool depends on the breed of sheep and they follow this rule and it is a reason of popularity of Moroccan Rug. If we consider on the design of the Moroccan rugs, it seems like roots on a large solid background.Rugsville Tribal Beni Ourain Hand Knotted Moroccan Rug 8' x 11'

Manufacturing of Moroccan Carpets

The Moroccan carpets weaving similar like all the carpets. Now, we will discuss all whole manufacturing of Moroccan carpets like what material used, weaving style, design, etc.

  • First of all good quality wool needed to make it and this wool extracted out from good breed sheep.
  • This wool now washed and applied a shining agent, dyes to make it shiny and give colour.
  • After that, the washed wool left for dry.
  • Then, wool sent for making threads.
  • After that, the rug weaving process initiated.
  • For making  Moroccan Carpet two weaving technique used flat weave and hand knotted.
  • After that, rugs will be sent for the finishing process where loose or unusual threads are extracted out.Rugsville Moroccan Natural Soft Wool Rug 5' x 8'

How to Care

The care of Moroccan carpets not so tough task. These rugs made with tight weaving technique that’s why these care of these rugs is easy. But some points must be considered for taking care of it such as:

  • Keep away from flame
  • Regular cleaning of Moroccan carpet is necessary. So, keep vacuuming it daily.
  • Keep away from stains, if anything spilt on it, immediately wash it.
  • While washing it, don’t rinse too much so its thread damage.
  • Don’t try to pick the Moroccan Carpet from the loose portion.

Where to Buy Moroccan Carpets Online


If you are going to buy or planning a Moroccan Carpets then Rugsville is the best place. Because The Rugsville understands the importance originality among the peoples, that’s why their Moroccan carpets are designed with original pattern and weaving style. So, if want original Moroccan Rug then you must visit there once. Some Rugsville Moroccan Carpets are shown below.