How GST Impact on E-Commerce Website

Understand How GST will effect E-Commerce Websites

As we know that, everyone on the globe is using the internet and buy online today. If we focus on the e- commerce business in India then we will find that e-commerce market is estimated to have crossed Rs. 211,005 crore in December 2016.  And this will reach up to $100 million till 2020. So, the Finance Ministry launches a Tax Act which is commonly known as GST. The means reason of applying this tax collection processor to cease tax stealing chain which is running in very small and large chain And this GST will replace CENVAT, excise, customs, VAT, state excise, etc. that means all the Central and state indirect taxes. The candidates those wants at run their business happily. They have to apply for GST. So, below we will elaborate the whole thing about GST.

Why we need to fill GST

The candidates those running their business from long time they also are known for tax. But some of the business don’t have known about all the taxes these are applied on them and the result of this they forgot to pay every tax on time.  To remove this drawback in the tax process and to make it simple, the government of India launches GST and the law is passed by the finance ministry of India. So we have to pay only one Tax this time and no need to remember or pay other tax such as excise, customs, VAT, state excise, etc. So, we can say that the life becomes simpler after launching GST.

Who has to fill GST

The candidates those are running their business on small scale or on a large scale. They must be thinking about the GST and its procedure. Because they want to run their business without any worry. Below, we are describing who has to pay GST or on which types of business GST applied:

GST on Offline Business

The candidates those are running their business offline are also comes under the GST. This Good Service Tax will be applied to the people those are running a business and having turnover equivalent or more than 20 lakhs. While the businessman’s those are running their business in the North Eastern States and their turnover is more than 10laks rupees will also come under the effect of GST.

GST Effect on E-commerce Business

The candidates those are running their business of Trussville carpets & rugs, clothes, home decor or any other business like Amazon, Flipkart, shop clues, then they are majorly affected by GST launch. Because before applying GST they are safe from  paying tax because they are the intermediate part in between Service Provider and Receiver as shown in the figure below:

As you can see in above page, there are two people standing, facing each other. One of them is Service Provider and another is Service Receiver and the box you can see is an Operator that means any E- commerce website such as Rugsville, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Where people by Trussville kids, designer, modern area rugs, carpets for the living room, drawing room online India. If you are also running e-commerce websites like them and selling T-shirts, shirts, saree, clothes, jeans, etc. then you also come under GST.

How we will pay GST

There is two types taxation procedure followed by India. So, the candidates those want to understand these candidates needs to read this blog carefully.

Types of Taxation:

There are 3 types of Taxation process accepted by India which is described below:

  • Normal Charge: In this taxation process. The Tax is paid by the service receiver. To understand the whole process we need to take an example. Suppose you buy something online or offline. Whenever you received the product the bill will be also provided by them. If you will see that the payment is paid by you with tax. So, we can say that you paid tax. The paid tax by you will directly submit to the government fund on same time of purchasing
  •  Reverse Charge: This taxation process is very simple to understand because, in this, the tax is paid by the customers after purchasing & receiving their products. But, this taxation Process is found inappropriate to apply. Because it is not possible to take tax from each customer
  • Normal and Reverse Charge: It is the combination of both taxation process.

The GST is a Normal Charge type. So, we can say that the GST will directly paid by the user, source (e-commerce website owner) so don’t to worry.

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Area rugs & carpets cleaning tips & tricks

How to keep your area rugs & carpet clean for long use

The people who live in India and those know about the tradition and culture of India. Then they must have good knowledge about the things those reflects their culture and tradition in the form of Art these are Rugsville area rugs & carpets, furniture, clothes, pottery, home decor, pillows, jewellery etc. If you ever interact with the peoples of India, definitely you will get stunned. Because the peoples here seems always attached to the culture, tradition, arts along with the knowledge of modern society. As we can say see people here, buy a shirt, t-shirts, jeans, trouser, Rugsville area carpets and rugs, antique, home-decor online India at the low or high price it depends. So, this is the blog, I am writing for those peoples who love to buy Rugsville carpets and rugs online India. To give tip and tricks about “How to keep your rug clean and long lasting.

Methods to keep your carpets clean

The people’s those already buy a luxury Rugsville area rugs & carpets to increase the beauty of your home. Because, we know that many peoples buy home decor products such as area Rugsville rugs & carpets for home, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, runner rugs to increase the beauty and charm. So, here we are discussing to keep them clean, smooth, long lasting.

Vacuum Technic area rugs

If you buy a precious luxury carpet at best price or rug at cheap price online India the care of that is very important. If we keep our area rugs and carpets regularly then the quality of it will maintain and it will become your family partner for a long time. The best trick to clean dirt which from your shoes and feets is to apply vacuum cleaning. By vacuum cleaning method, the dust will perfectly extract out without affecting the quality of the area rugs.

Wriggle method to wash area rugs & carpets

The people’s that purchased Rugsville designer, modern, luxury area rugs & carpets online India. And you placed up it a place where the interaction of yours and your known person is max, then you will see that the dust is tightly indulged with your area carpets and rugs. To open the pores of it, you must apply wriggle method before applying any method. Because wrinkle method is the only method to open the pores in which the dust and smudge is tightly bounded with your rugs and carpets

Keep away from stain from area rugs & carpets

The peoples having more than 2 members their family and having kids in their home. Then there is always the worry of stains, smudges on rugs. If you are facing the same problem and searching for an answer to it then you are at right place. If your rugs & carpets are affected by a stain then follow the simple steps to remove it described below:

  • Soak with paper table
  • After soaking it, take baking soda and vinegar.
  • Mix it with water and make a solution.
  • Apply on affected area on rugs and carpets.`
  • Leave the solution on affected area for 30 minutes.
  • After that, give normal wash, definitely, your stain will remove.

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How to remove stain from Clothes, Area Rugs & Carpets

Remove Stain from Modern Area Rugs, Carpets, Clothes, etc.

I know, today every person living in India and knows about the internet, online shopping, chatting, social marketing, etc. And you also love to buy T-shirts, modern area rugs & carpets, shirts, jeans, shoes, etc, by online shopping, home decor, etc. The reason behind this is, In this busy life, the peoples don’t  have time to go market and purchase grocery, clothes online in India and bargaining on the rate. So, to save the time, there is many users of e commerce website. But there is worry of customers if they found stain while or after buy a product may be clothes and home decor. The region of this worry is common which is a stain. Here, we are giving some idea to help you in this situation. And answer your common question “How to remove the stain from clothes, rugs, sofa, furniture, etc.”

How to Remove Stain from area rugs

The situation is rising such that, you purchased something beautiful for you or home to the decor. May be you buy T-shirts Rugsville modern area rugs and carpets, furniture, pillow, pouffes online India at the lowest price or high price. Sudden you found a stain, then your mind definitely went in frustrated mode. Because of a stain than your first wish will rise in your mind which is for remove stain. But before applying any option to remove it. You have to know about the type of stain first.

  • Stain of dirt, dust
  • Protein Stain
  • Coffee, milk stain
  • Grease and oil stain

So that the quality of your product remains unchanged before applying any option.

Dirt Stain modern area rugs & carpets

The peoples those purchased a new gents or ladies wear or home decor product such as Rugsville modern area rugs & carpets and found the stain. This happens mostly when the articles are placed at the same place for a long duration in open condition. And this product is delivered to you with stain than don’t panic we have a solution for it. First of all, don’t try to apply bleach. The best method to remove dirt stain is to take liquid hand wash and mix with vinegar. After mixing it left it for 30 minutes. After that, apply the paste on the stain and then wash with the Hot water.

Protein Stain your area rug

Suppose you organised a party at home with friends and enjoyed without worries. And when you woke up you found that there are many stains left on your clothes, sofa, etc. like vomit, sweat and blood stain protein stain then the best way of removing these type of stain is applying Detergent on it. The reason behind that, the detergent has enzymes and can be used to clean protein stains. So, don’t panic apply this method and you will get a better result.

Coffee, milk Stain

Today, peoples love to live with 2 or more peoples to keep themselves away from the loneliness or some other reason. If you have children too then you must be facing stain related problem daily because the kids love to play on the floor and they have always spread their food, milk, coffee etc. Then a strong stain may be left on your modern area rugs and carpets, sofa, clothes. To remove these type of stain we have a method. Put stain affected part in detergent mixed cold water for soak for 30 minutes. After it, give handwash.

Grease or Oil Stain 

Suppose you are moving for a long drive with someone may be your friend. While driving, suddenly your vehicle got stuck in path due to some mechanical fault. After using your knowledge and skill you successfully removed the fault. But suddenly you noticed that your clothes got the stain of grease or oil then the better method to remove these type of stain are to apply dish washing soap on affected area and rinse gently and then wash normally the stain will remove.

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How To Buy Rugsville Area Rugs & Carpets Online at Low Price India

How To Buy area rugs & carpets Online At Cheap Rate

Today is the era of design and fashion and that’s why the people love to buy designer and fashionable T-shirts, Shirts, Jeanswear, girls wear, tops, Rugsville area rugs & carpets, home decor but at low price in India. The reason behind this is that people love fashion and they want fashionable and designers wear and home decor products at cheap rate.  If you love to buy online then this is for you. Here we are posting this blog to help you to give better shopping experience in India if you are going to buy clothes, home decor products at lowest price in India. Because we love to help you in every way.

How to Buy a good quality home decor products

The people those are interested in decor their home by upgrading their interior and outdoor by using modern area rugs. That’s why they love to purchase good quality and designer products online or from the supermarket at best price. But there are many questions those come to the mind of any buyer which is related to the product quality, texture, colour, etc. and the basic question is as:

From where to buy branded products online or offline

The people’s those taking interest in online shopping in India. Then they always think about the brand, quality and texture of a product. So, if you are also thinking about, then you are at right place. The buyers those are going to purchase online must check the following things before purchasing any product:

  • The product is useful or not?
  • The product manufacturer is serving good services and support like Rugsville?
  • Is product is available at best price or low price?
  • Is product suits you and your style if you are buying clothes. If you are buying home decor products like rugs & carpets, pillow, poufs, etc then, is it suit your room.

The answer is there, before buying a product the buyer must keep a thinking in their mind that, the product is useful or not, where we can install, etc. If we product before knowing the use of it, that means you are wasting your money. And before purchasing any product online, the candidates need to check its


quality, specification, features, material information, etc. The product like the carpet belongs to a popular brand like Rugsville. Is company terms and conditions of return are favourable or flexible.

How to choose colour  of decor products

If you are purchasing a product online in India and thinking about its colour and texture then you are at right place. We will help you in “How to choose the colour of any garments, home decor, etc. so that it meets your thinking and style.

For Buy Clothes online low price.

For helping you I need to create a situation. Let you planned to buy clothes online such as jeans, t-shirts, shoes, sandals, shirts, etc. and you chose a product. If you sudden stop shopping, probably the reason behind this is colour and size.

So, according to us, before buying any wear and accessories candidate needs to look on size first after that on colour. The best way of choosing the colour and design of any wear is, to take your friends or your known person because that knows about everything, about your style and which colour will suit you. But remember one thing, don’t take views of your naughty friends if you took then this is your worst decision. So, be careful to become a part of funny moments after buy wears online at cheap price in India.

How to choose home decor products like modern area rugs

Again I am creating a situation. You entered in your home and after finishing all work and watching your home interior and sudden you found missing. Then definitely it will be your home interior attraction. The better way to fill this missing thing is to buy home decor products. The products of a designer, fashionable products online India and in the budget or low price. And the best way to fulfil your home decor requirement is Rugsville products such as Carpets, area rugs, pillows, poufs, lighting, etc. Because, the Rugsville is the best rugs manufacturer in India for your rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc. You can buy all beautiful designer rugs & carpets at the low and affordable price in India, by browsing their Rugsville online shopping website which is as

Colour choosing technics of area rugs online

If you are purchasing a home decor product such as rugsville modern area rug & carpets in India and seeking for help in choosing a colour of product then we are always ready for help you.

We will help you to choose the colour of area rugs, pillow, lighting, poufs, etc. without an interior decorator suggestions. The best way of choosing the colour of home decor product is that. Look colour of your paint and major size articles in your home like furniture and choose the composition of these colours as shown in the image. Or we can see the example of dressing and colour style seen in Rajasthan that they almost wear matchings things like they wear a pink dress in Jaipur. This is good technic followed by every interior designer.

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Rugsville Online Shoping India- Rugs, Carpets, Furniture, Pillow, Home Decor, Lighting

Buy Rugsville Area Rugs, Carpets, Home Decor, Furniture Online India

We are, India’s best Area Rugs, Carpets, pillow, home-decor makers in India. The people’s those love to shop online and also love the art, tradition, and culture of India, will definitely love to buy rugs, carpets, etc. made by us at best price. We also offer home decor products such as Poufs you’ll love because it will definitely increase the beauty of your home.

So, the buyers those want to buy comfortable decorative articles at lowest price can buy directly from our one of the prestigious home decor online shopping website with a tag of a prestigious and famous brand Trussville.

What we offer

As we know that, today people are getting respect on the basis of their lifestyle and to reflect their lifestyle, people decorate their home by home-decor articles and we are the best in the production of this because we understand your needs and how to raise your respect.  Here we are offering to buy shaggy, Persian, traditional, modern designer area rugs, carpets online India. There are many vendors those are associated with us so you can buy their rugs carpets and other home decor fashioned with various designs and styles directly online.

How we made Area Rugs In India

Our rugs are made with beautiful and skilled Artisan weavers. These are designed with latest fashionable and modern style. For making our all rugs we use a good quality material such as wool, cotton and jute. So, you can easily feel the texture and design of every area rug and carpet. To purchase our product, the candidate needs to visit Ruggsville Online shopping portal. After visiting, choose a product according to your choice and then place an order. After placing an order, you will get your product direct to home in short time.

candidate needs to visit Ruggsville Online shopping portal. After that, have choose a product and then place an order. After placing an order, you will get your product direct to home in short time.

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