Online Carpets Uses and Benefits in Home

Know About Uses and Benefits of Online Carpets in Home

Add beauty and style- You can choose one of your types or according to the interior of your home from several thousand stylish and colorful online carpets and rugs. This means that your last choice shows how you want to personalize your living space. The living room carpet flooring can be a can be a focal point of your living room.  The reason behind it the vibrant colors neutral foundation and strong boulder patterns and textures of the living room carpet. So, in this blog, we will make you aware of all the benefits of having home carpets online.

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Work As Air Filter

The lowest VOC emitter flooring option is available in the new living room carpet type. These flooring will work as a passive air filter. When the polluted air will pass through the bedroom carpet then the rug will trapping dust, pollen, and other particles and removes them from the breathing area. Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergic problems have seen improvement in symptoms with carpets. So, installing carpets and rugs is also beneficial for our health.

Provide Warmth and Comfort

The Living room carpet provides real thermal resistance or R-value. In cold weather, it retains energy conservation benefits, warm air. The living room rugs also provide a comfortable place to relax,  play games or work, etc.  The indoor-outdoor rugs make room feels warmly compact. So, if you have children then these rugs online will well take care for their health. These will keep them away from cold floors and will keep their body warm. By installing a high pile handmade rugs like Persian, floral, tribal, Kashmir carpet in the living room you can avoid diseases caused by cold.

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Lower Probability of Slips and Fall

These online carpets and rugs are ideal for crushing our steps, slipping and reducing the injuries when falling. The online carpets provide security protection for the whole family, but especially for the children and the elderly. By installing the carpets and rugs in the slipping and falling prone zone, you can avoid the probability of accidents in the home. You can install rugs beside the bed, in kitchen, outside of the bathroom, stairs, etc with the rug pad. If you want a place where you can find the living room carpet flooring along with rug pad then you can visit our online home store

Reduce Noise in Home

The equipment like Loud Speakers, Television, computers and modern sound systems make our entire home environment noisy. The online carpets help absorb these sounds. Adding a rug pad under your carpet reduces the noise further. Work also acts as a barrier to the floor between the rooms below the carpet, helping to block the sound transmission. And the carpet on the stairs helps in continuous foot traffic masks.

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Persian Rugs and Carpets Online For Home Decor

Why People Buy Persian Rugs and Carpets Online Most for Home Decoration?

Persian carpets online in India have several fabulous characteristics that make them so desirable from their fabulous patterns and lovely colours to their unparalleled durability. The fact that each living room carpet is entirely hand-woven and one-of-a-kind only add to the allure. Unlike their modern, machine-made counterparts, handmade Persian rugs and online carpets for sale can last for several generations. Also, the value of these type of carpets also increases with time.

persian carpets online india

If you are planning to buy a Persian carpet flooring but are not sure whether or not it is worth it. Take a look at 5 reasons why vintage Persian rugs online are worth the investment.

Ageless Style And Inimitable

When you buy a Persian carpet, you know you have a unique piece of art that will never go out of style. In the remote villages of Iran, the art of weaving not taught in any school. Instead, it is an art form that is handed down from one generation to the next. This is why every village has its own distinct style, which is different from the weaving style of the other villages. These indoor-outdoor carpets and rugs weaved painstakingly by hand, it is impossible to find two decorative online carpets that are exactly the same.

persian rugs online persian carpet persian carpet designs persian online carpets persian carpets and rugs

Versatile Persian Carpets

Persian carpets online India come in an endless array of sizes, patterns, designs, and colours. Somewhere, you can be sure that their online carpets are just perfect for any room. No matter how big or small or no matter the existing decor style. Moreover, their colors and designs are such that they can be used in any room. You can find soft, pastel antique Persian rugs online for the bedroom, bright floral patterns for the kitchen or elaborate Shash Abbassi designs for the living room. There’s something for everyone and every room too.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining our online carpets is fairly simple. A light vacuuming regularly will help get rid of the dust and debris that can bury itself into the pile and damage the fibers of the living room carpet flooring. A professional rug cleaning once or twice a year will help to keep your decorative rugs looking fresh and clean without any damage. To remove smudges and spots from online carpets like Persian rugs you can search some tips online from our rugs guide.

The Durability of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs owners take great pride in handing down their priceless possession to the next generation. This is because these online carpets are handmade using materials that make them tough, flexible and long lasting. All it takes is a little care and these indoor-outdoor rugs will last a lifetime. So, if you are in search of a living room carpet flooring which is attractive and durable then Persian carpet and rugs online will be perfect.

Persian Rugs for Investment

Persian rugs online may be quite expensive but when you consider that these carpets online India can last a lifetime, it is well worth it. What’s even more interesting to know that, unlike many other possessions that lose their value with time. The value of a Persian carpet increases with age. Of course, you have to make sure that it is well after so that it does not get damaged in any way. So, don’t think that you wasting your money by investing in purchasing Persian carpets online India.

Buy Persian Rugs Online

So, if you are looking to buy Persian rugs online in India then visit only the most prominent online rug store. We Rugville offering a large selection of rugs for sale to their customers. Here you can find the all types of rugs for sale. We have Tribal, Modern, Silk, Tribal, Transitional, Kashmir carpets, etc. at the lowest price. We are offering our indoor-outdoor rugs for sale at the discounted offer price with free shipping in entire India.

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Round Carpet and Rugs Online for Home Decor

Know About The Benefits of having Round Carpet and Rugs Online in Home Decor

Home interior is the first priority of each and every homeowner to attract peoples with beautiful home decoration. When interior designers speaking to their customers about interior design, day in day out. We have noticed that when discussing decorative carpets and rugs online India. The round carpet and rugs are often third consideration behind square and rectangular rugs online. So, with the help of this blog, we will tell you about the benefits of having round carpets and rugs.

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Uses of Round Carpets

It’s not surprising why either, it can be difficult to picture and place round carpet in your home. With most of our rooms having four corners. It’s easy to stay within your comfort zone with a square and rectangular rugs online India. Round carpet does, however, offer a completely unique look, which contributes massively to a dream bohemian interior. These home carpets often feature the most captivating designs and shapes and with just a couple of tips – can allow you to make the very most of out your round carpet.

round rugs round carpet persian carpets online india circular floor carpet round carpets online india

Below, we look at some interior design tips regarding adding a round carpet to your home – as well as looking through some favourites and best sellers.

Round Carpet for Home

One of the best things about Boho interiors is that not everything has to be in a ‘perfect place’ Boho interiors throw multiple designs, colours, and shapes together – with a fantastic outcome all the time. Think about using a round carpet to create a new sitting space in your living room. Alternatively – consider placing round carpet flooring under furniture – to act as a continuation of the piece of living room furniture. This works well when placed under and at the corner of sofas.

In Bedroom

Round rugs work brilliantly in unique and personal spaces such as bedrooms. As well as having living room carpet flooring placed centrally in the room – also consider placing the home carpet slightly under the bed – only showing a portion of the carpet to create the perfect casual, yet chic Boho bedroom.

In Dining Room

Traditionally, round carpets and rugs online India are used in dining rooms – placed underneath round dining tables to add vibrancy and colour to the room.

Favorite Round Rugs

We work with artisans and craftsmen to source and supply an excellent range of round carpet and rugs online India. All of which have been handmade by artisans who have learned their skills through generations. There’s simply too many to list within this article, so below we will look at our personal favourite round living room carpet flooring.

The Agra old styles collection of carpets and rugs for sale – inspired by 19th Century Agra designs – are hand-made with hand-spun wool. This produces an antique character, so the decorative rugs look as if they have been handed down by generations. These high-quality floor carpet tightly is woven with a thick, plush pile that ensures these decorative carpets and rugs will become family heirlooms.

This beautiful living room carpet combines a wide range of colours and made in India, according to the most traditional methods.

If you have any queries about our range of round living room carpet? Please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Where To Buy

So if you are planning to buy decorative round carpet and rugs online then must visit the only authentic store of the living room carpet flooring online. We Rugsville are also online carpets and rugs manufacturer and serving services and products internationally. We have the best collection of round rugs crafted brilliantly by our expert artisans. Other than these type of online carpets we you can also choose rectangular carpets from our collection. We have Floral, Transitional, Tribal, Modern, Persian carpets, etc. So, don’t wait and grab your favourite online carpets today.

Authentic Online Carpets Store for Decorative Rugs

Best Place To Buy Online Carpets and Rugs For Home Decor

People generally are not using online carpets and rugs for flooring. The reason for this is that they do not know where they can find the best carpet flooring and rugs online in India. They usually choose local markets in search of the beautiful, where they can find only poor quality rugs and carpets online. The main reason behind finding bad quality living room carpet is the lack of knowledge about handmade carpets such as the materials used in making, knitting, rug type etc. Therefore, if you want an ideal home carpet, then you should go online because only there you can find certified best quality online carpets for a home with full description. And only on the online market, you can get the advantage of flexible shopping, which means that you can easily return items or refunds.

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Therefore, we are also an online carpets store in India known for beautiful hand-knotted carpets and rugs. We are offering our products in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, etc. And we are also not only for business but also for our love and choice. So, here we proudly present some of our adorable area rugs with attractive designs, filled with superb facilities.

Transitional Carpets Online

The transitional rugs online are woven into pure natural materials using hand-driven techniques. These type of online carpets crafted by making multiple knots which also called interweaving process. To craft a transitional living room carpet the best quality materials is generally used as silk, cotton, wool, etc. In our living room carpet flooring collection, there are more than 35 coloured rugs online included. If you love flower carpet and you want to install in your modern designed living room then these online carpets will be perfect.

tribal carpets runner rugs transitional carpets tribal rugs carpet flooring

Tribal Carpets and Rugs Online

These types of carpets like the blessing of our ancestors. The tribal rugs crafted by assembling and implanting the tribal designs in the handknotted carpets and rugs. The designs on these carpets found very unique, irregular but attractive. According to the people of Ancient Era believe, the designs and shape the weavers made, like spells that protect us from supernatural calamities. We also have the best collection of Tribal online carpets in patterns and designs like we have Moroccan, Tibetan, etc. you can easily purchase from our store. Also, you can try our other rugs online buy purchasing from our store.

Dhurrie Rugs

The use of Dhurrie rugs for the purpose of the flooring is the oldest trend. These types of floor carpets or rugs are famous because it is reversible. This type of living room carpet made using a flat knitting technique. The Dhurrie rugs also are known as flat weave because of its weaving type. In western countries, these type of online carpets famous with another name Kilim. These are part of the tribal carpets which is woven using a flat woven technique. These type of home carpets found in many patterns like modern, traditional, contemporary, tribal etc.

Where To Buy

We have a beautiful collection of cotton and woolen dhurries and online carpets. So, do not wait for anybody, hold this hot deal by purchasing your beautiful dhurrie rugs online India. Other than above rugs you can also choose Floral, Modern, Silk, Kashmir, Persian rugs, etc. from our collection. If you buy online carpets from us in August, you can get the huge discount on all type rugs up to 55%+15% Off. Because we are presenting the Pre-Independence Day sale. To avail this discount you need to use our promo code “INDD15”. So, don’t wait and grab your favourite carpets online India from our rugs store.

Online Carpets and Rugs in Traditional Style

All The Things About Traditional Style Online Carpets and Rugs

There is no doubt that the Traditional style online carpets and rugs changes the way a room looks. These authentic Traditional carpet floorings are the bunch of soft piles and inform of traditional designs that you want to keep with your family forever. Also, the fact is that they do not go out of style, this is a big plus point, especially if you want to hand it over to your children and why not even your grandmother. Not to mention that they can take a long way with different colours, patterns, shapes and with other household items. So, if you are the lucky owner of a good quality Traditional Carpets and rugs, then you know that there is a treasure in your hands that can easily match every design.

online carpets

Now, when it comes to decorating your house with a traditional living room carpet, you can follow some time-tested tips and space is the last comfortable and chic corner Change the house for the conversation, read and to relax your body. But there are many questions will come in every person whenever they want to purchase “How to choose a perfect tradtional carpet.

Perfect Direction

First of all, before you go to the retail or online carpets store, get the dimensions of your room. Keep in mind that the Oriental or Traditional carpet flooring that you choose should be “Accurate” according to space, but not very large. For this reason, to create an illusion of space and balance, choose something 2 to 3 feet smaller than the dimensions of your room. Then, you can plan how to put your room carpet flooring. Consider major areas like floor vents, door frames, and electrical outlets because these fixtures are associated with rubbing. However, we love the warm and inviting experience of a home, which welcomes its owners and guests with a beautiful, fluffy pile. For Hallway, high-quality carpet runner should be added. Just make sure that your room carpet is about 4 inches narrow to produce illumination of the width and 18-24 inches long by the hallway.

round rug oriental carpets for sale traditional rugs online carpets online india runner rugs

Carpets and Rugs Online with Perfect balance

Your Traditional carpet for living room should match your decor, put a feeling of peace and make visual relics. The overall result should not be seen either or as you have gone on the board, trying to impress your brain cells with the latest additions to the house. The secret is in harmonious colours and patterns matching. To achieve this, avoid large, animated patterns for bedroom carpets and rugs consider adding a solid living room carpet to a room with bold wallpaper.

On the other hand, if your walls, pillows, floors, window treatments, and furniture are in neutral colours and immediately turn the living room carpet flooring into the centre point of the room. There is no secret between interior designers that a monochromatic colour palette always enhances the elegance stock of a place and helps to create a quiet environment for the room while encouraging to relax. And, as an artwork of the same colour is pleasing in a harmonious setting, consider finding a colour on the area rug or floor carpet and add it in the same room with the same shadow pronounced.

Perfect Size

Here is the key to choose the right size carpet for the living room:-

  1. On putting a floor carpet or rug under the dining table, it is quite good if the carpet forliving room is enough large that the dinners can easily move their chairs comfortably without sliding from the edges of the home carpet.
  2. For the sitting area, choose an home carpet flooring that can adjust the two front legs of your chairs to make a harmonious view, let those feet sit on your floor carpet. It also helps to seat the place of seating within a larger space.
  3. For rectangular or oval tables, use the rectangular or round carpets.
  4. Supplement a square or round table with a round or square carpet flooring.
  5. Make sure the living room is less than 1 foot wide by the bed. Area rugs should be provided with a comfortable area for walking on the exit of the bed.

Balance Between Visual Appeal and Functionality

Bathrooms and kitchens with longer, rectangular traditional rugs and carpets look more interesting. Apart from being attractive, they can also create a balance in these areas. For the bathroom, do not forget to ask the rugs online seller to line carpet flooring with anti-skid material.

The kitchen can benefit from the carpet runners who grow small and keep feet warm from the cold floors. Although the patterned online carpets and rugs are actually true for high-traffic areas, we do not recommend to place a traditional carpet in the kitchens, as the patterns can camouflage stains and signs of wear and tear. Traditional rugs online are durable, but if you use them in places where acidic substances or moisture can damage the colour, pattern or pile of an expensive traditional carpet.

For the right balance between colors and patterns, choose a street color similar to the furniture. For example, The Oriental rugs and online carpets coordinates beautifully with red patterns, red throw pillows or red chairs. However, you are free to mix two different patterns at once, as long as you keep them in balance.

How to Protect Traditional Carpet

Traditional carpets online India are made of natural fibre, which means they are environment-friendly. They are also strong and stain resistant, this is the reason that they are often found in the entrance. But because of their comfortable, airy appearance, they work very well in every room. Just make sure that you take good care of your oriental style traditional home carpet and this will surely reward you.

Apart from taking proper measures to maintain a traditional carpet flooring in the mint condition, besides keeping your attraction for a long time, you can actively work. Use furniture shores to protect the carpets and rugs online India from heavy furniture. You should turn the bedroom carpet at least once a year or change the furniture placement.

Final Tips To Take Care of Your Online Carpets

The Traditional carpets and rugs online are more expensive than anything you can get in that category. If you can not pay a month’s salary to get one, then you can consider a more cost-effective option to keep a single, heavy piece.

Always Check Label of Carpets & Rugs

Traditional Style Online Carpets and rugs are all handmade, so if you read “made from a machine” on the label, then this is not an authentic Traditional living room carpet. Although they spend more, they become more valuable as age. If properly treated, they can walk more than a century. It is also known that handmade carpets and rugs are either hand-knotted and hand tufted. Of the two, surrounded by those hands, more expensive, yet more durable and unique.

Always use Rug Pad- there are eco-friendly pads made of plant-based oils that keep your floor safe. If you have a glowing heat floor, the recycled pad made from real fiber also makes a good choice.

Use of Online carpets and Rugs as Wall Decor – brighten empty spaces on the wall with these artistic rugs online India. They are attractive both on the floor and outside. Apart from this, it can also mute noise from the next room and create a unique, beauty appeal in your room.

Use Online Carpets Having Different Styles

It creates an agitation that looks comfortable in the room. When choosing your pattern, use the rule of three.

  • The largest pattern should cover the largest carpet area, such as wallpaper.
  • Second, in the form of the first pattern, it should be nearly one-half but should be in a different design. You can use it on the carpet area.
  • The third pattern can be similar to any one of the first two, but the pattern should be smaller than the other. Use it on throw pillows or table runners.

The Traditional carpet flooring is an essential basis for sitting in areas that connect the heat and style of the old world. Is it a chance that you can see oriental style traditional online carpets laid down to chamber music concerts or on stage, which is used by Rock Band while performing live? In addition to allowing musicians to get a deadly acoustic in a very lively place, Traditional rugs online are also classy, timeless pieces that give musicians an additional way of expressing their creative side and in front of tens or hundreds Thousands of people feel more home-like while performing.

Buy Authentic Carpets and Rugs Online

If you want to experience similar feeling then you should welcome Oriental style traditional carpets in your home. To buy one you can visit our online home store where you can get traditional carpets in many designs and patterns. We have Transitional, Kashmir, Floral, Silk, Tribal, Persian carpets, etc. in this category. If you buy from us in this monsoon you can also get the huge discount on all type rugs and carpets online India up to 55%+10% Off by applying our Coupon Code “MONSOON10”. So, don’t wait and grab this offer today.

Jute Rug-Designer Online Carpets with Full of Benefits

Jute Rug- Perfect Online Carpets with Full of Benefits

The natural fiber rugs have recently been seeing an increase in popularity, because of its attractive neutral weave, along with its durable nature. As we all know the natural fibre rugs and carpets are renewable and biodegradable. One of the cheapest and common natural online carpets types is a Jute Rug. Jute is a natural plant fibre that grows rapidly and in abundance across India and Bangladesh. When you choose a jute living room carpet flooring in your home, the biggest advantages will come here.

jute carpet


As we have mentioned, if you are trying to be environment-friendly then jute rug or living room carpet is a good choice. Jute is renewable, biodegradable, and carbon dioxide are neutral. In addition, jute is a particularly abundant fibre. It is a rain-fed crop, which requires a little fertilizer and pesticide, which is much less than comparable fibre such as cotton. Since it is biodegradable, it used for plant-like material around plant roots which is used to prevent erosion through the development of new plants. If your goal was to be defeated for the new year, then jute carpet flooring is a great option for you.

dhurrie rugs jute natural rug jute runner rug 10x12 jute rug jute rug

Low Cost

Jute is one of the least expensive natural fibre made cheap carpets online India. It is less expensive than other online carpets and rugs, such as Sisal or Seagrass. This is due to its abundance and fast growth period. Contrary to some general assumptions of eco-friendly living room carpet flooring, jute is actually a very budget-friendly alternative. We also have the large collection of kitchen, bedroom, living room carpets made of Jute. To buy online carpets you should visit our online carpets and rugs store.

Attractive Jute Rug Designs

Jute is appreciated for its natural beauty. The presence of jute rugs online India is similar to other natural floor carpets. These can be in beige, tan, or golden brown in colour, and fibres are often woven in neutral patterns. This form is one that is suited to most interior design aesthetics from modern to traditional. At our store, you can find Jute carpet or rug in many patterns like Tribal, Modern, Traditional, Southwestern jute rugs on sale.

Tips To Care Jute Rugs

Jute rug required quite low maintenance. Natural fibre rubbing and carpet masks are dirt and dust well. You can also choose simple vacuuming should be enough to keep your carpet flooring looking for a long-term look. Keep in mind that jute rug does not come in contact with water, it will rot and stain, so it should never be cleaned wet shampoo or steam.

If you want to buy one living room home carpet made of Jute then you can visit our rugs online store. We have the best quality and designer Jute rugs on sale crafted by our expert artisans. Also in this Monsoon, you can avail a huge discount up to 55%+10% OFF on all type rugs. So, don’t wait and grab your favourite online carpets for home decor today.

Online Carpets and Rugs to Design Your Bedroom

Best Tips to Desing Your Bedroom Using Online Carpets and Rugs

A bedroom is the most important room in the house where you can live with your style. This is just a place where you can do anything you sleep, enjoy, read, watch TV etc. There are many ways to decorate the bedroom but I am going to tell you how to make your bedroom cosine using online carpets. These rugs are the easiest way to quickly change the entire form of a space. These are available in different sizes so that you can get any shape of floor carpet in the market as per your requirement.

online carpets

There are several ways to place handmade carpet flooring in the room but it also depends on the size of the floor carpet. For example, if you use a small handmade area in front of your bed or in the center of your room, it will not look good. To find the right way to use handmade rugs online India in your living room by reading that blog carefully.

Choose Online Carpets According To Theme

There are two types of interior. Most people use traditional themes and most of them use modern stuff. You should decide on the subject of your room before buying a living room carpet flooring.

kitchen carpet runner carpets online india floor carpet room carpet indian carpet

If you want to cover the entire space of your room then you can keep large carpets and rugs like 8’x 10 ‘feet or more. There are two ways to use a large living room carpet, either vertical or horizontal methods. If you have a narrow bed or single bed, then you should use your floor carpet horizontally so that you can cover in addition to the bed. If you have a double bed or a big bed then the vertical way is very good. Keep your throat in the floor vertically and keep your bed on the floor carpet.

Medium Size Carpets Online India

If you want to use a medium-sized handmade bedroom carpet, place your carpet on the floor and place two feet in front of your bed on the carpet flooring. This is the most popular way to use handmade bedroom carpet in the bedroom.

Small Size Living Room Carpet

If you do not have much money to buy medium or large carpets online India, then you can choose a small living room carpet. Place it in front of your bedroom or in your bedroom under a coffee bed. It will look fantastic.

Handmade Carpet Runners

Runners generally used to connect together in two rooms. For the bedroom, you can use it next to your bed. So that you can protect your child while playing on the bed and clean your feet before laying on the bed. The floor carpet runner can be used in the kitchen, hallways, stairs, etc. or at many places other than Bedroom. These bedroom carpets and rugs generally made for narrow spaces in the home but now it is used in many ways. Many peoples using these on the dining table and on a wall and it gives an amazing change in living room Interior.

Use of Online Carpets as Wall Decor

As we know that handmade bedroom carpet used not only for the floor cover, it is also used to enhance the beauty of the wall. For hanging the wall and especially for the bedroom, the handmade silk carpet is best because it gives a very soft touch for decoration. If you want you can also use handmade wool carpets online India.

If you are also going to decor your bedroom and searching for a bedroom carpet flooring then we also have. To get some carpets, you should visit our online carpets and rugs store. We have the best collection of handmade carpets and rugs crafted by hand-knotting technique. We have modern, transitional, tribal, silk, floral, Persian, Kashmir carpets, etc. for the living room at the best price. So, hurry and grab your favorite one


Beautiful Art of Weaving Dhurrie Rugs and Online Carpets

Surprising Art of Crafting Beautiful Flat Weaves or Dhurrie Rugs and Online Carpets

Home interior is the first thing want to do everyone. One look at a Dhurries and you know that you’ve found something truly special. This is no ordinary type of area rug. Dhurrie rugs and online carpets are different from most types of carpet flooring type in so many different ways but one of the most notable differences lies in the absence of any pile.


Kilim is a flat, no-pile rug that has become synonymous with certain regions. Especially Turkey, North Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, the Balkans, Central Asia, and Pakistan. These designer carpets online India weaved using one of the many flat weaving techniques that give them that characteristic flat appearance.

Dhurrie Rugs Weaving

The prominently gorgeous Dhurrie designs are much popular. They made by carefully interweaving differently coloured warps and wefts to create a flatweave living room carpet. Typically, artisans use a technique known as slitweave, which is responsible for giving Dhurrie Rugs online India their smooth appearance.

southwestern rug cotton dhurrie rugs kilim rugs modern carpet

This technique of weaving these type of home carpets causes the warps to be loosely spread. While the wefts densely packed together due to which they completely envelop the warps. So, you actually end up with a weft-facing weave. This prevents the structure from weakening.

The split weave technique primarily used to create diagonal, geometric patterns of the living room carpet. The technique gets its name from the fact that there is a gap between two blocks of colour. The weavers always work on one block first before they begin the next block. Also, using a slitweave technique, artisans enjoy more freedom to be creative than what they would have had if they had used the plain weave technique.

The result of the Dhurrie Rugs getting the same pattern on both sides of the living room carpet is that there is no distinct topside or underside. You can simply place the living room carpet any side you like depending on your preferred look.

Dhurrie Rugs Motifs

One of the distinguishing features of Dhurrie rugs and carpets online India area the motifs on these designer carpets. These motifs are not just decorative. Each motif also has a hidden meaning to it.

The Eye: Just like the Egyptians have the Eye of Horus, Dhurrie rugs artisans use the eye symbol to ward off evil. You will notice that the centre of the eye usually woven with blue thread in situated amidst geometric shapes.

The Dragon: This mystical beast is omnipresent and symbolizes power, strength, and force as it is capable of spewing out flames from its mouth.

Ram’s Horn: A Ram’s Horn symbolizes fertility, power, and heroism. If the living room carpet flooring woven by a lady, the ram’s horn could represent her spouse or lover.

The Scorpion: Since ancient times, artisans have believed that if they weave a dangerous animal, they will be protected from it. This belief the reason you will see scorpions woven in Dhurrie and living room carpet flooring. Sometimes, instead of the scorpion, you may find snakes or wolf paw weaved into the pattern.

The star, hands on hips, swan, swastika, Ying, yang, the water of life and the Phoenix other motifs that popularly incorporated into Kilim or Dhurrie rugs.

Home Decoration With Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie rugs extremely versatile because of the way they are woven. Not only can you use a kilim as a carpet flooring to immediately uplift the look and feel of a room. You can also use the textile as a wall hanging, cover for an ottoman or as colourful cushion covers. You can even give your home a Middle Eastern feel by using Dhurrie like carpets online India to cover floor cushions. The vibrantly coloured Kilim type online carpets can instantly transform the look, decor of any room that it is placed it, whether on the floor or as a wall hanging.

Buy Dhurrie Rugs and Online Carpets

So if you are searching or planning to buy rugs online India then visit only prominent carpets and rugs store. Rugsville offers high-quality carpets and rugs for sale to their customers. Here you can find the large selection of living room carpets such as Floral, Southwestern, Kashmir, Persian, Dhurrie Rugs and online carpets for the living room and much more indoor-outdoor rugs at the best price with free shipping in India. If you buy a living room carpet from us then you can get huge discount under our Monsoon Sale offer. Under, this we are offering discount up to 55%+10% off on all type rugs and carpets. So grab this offer hurry.


Important Things About Persian Rugs and Carpets Online India

Things To Be Learn About Handmade Persian Rugs and Carpets Online India

Aside from being a beautiful addition to your home, Persian rugs steeped in culture and art. Did you know that carpet weaving was one of the most notable crafts in ancient Persia? With some evidence suggesting that it dates all the way back to 500 B.C? Everyone wants to decorate their homes beautifully with decorative online carpets and rugs.

persian rugs online

As you may know, weaving rugs is a long and detailed process. That can take anywhere from a couple months to a few years to complete the entire carpet by hand. Experts have classified the ornate designs on Persian rugs 19 primary groups that including historic monuments and buildings as well as floral patterns.

Persian Rugs According To Sizes

The Persian carpets online India can be categorized into three groups according to size. Large, medium and small-sized carpets and rugs. The term large living room carpet can be used for any carpet larger than 6x4ft. While the small living room carpet is used for anything smaller than 6x4ft. There is also another type of Persian rugs online India that is popular around the globe and that is called Kilim or Dhurrie rugs. These online carpets type could be referred to as both pile carpet flooring and flat weaves and may come in various sizes.

Production of Persian Rugs

Although online carpets production has become largely mechanized. The traditional hand-woven carpets online India can still be found around the world and touted for their intricate detail, fine craftsmanship and for their ability to be a long-lasting artful masterpiece. At online carpets and rugs store, we strive to inform our customers of the value and craftsmanship behind living room carpet flooring. When you become the owner of authentic handmade Persian rugs you are not just receiving a beautiful addition to your home but a piece of long-lasting art filled with tradition and history. At our online carpets store, we use our expertise to bring our clients the highest quality and most beautiful decorative rugs. The carpets and rugs online India can be enjoyed for years to come.

Buy Persian Rugs Online

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Online Carpets and Rugs for Sale in This Monsoon

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Rugsville is one of the most popular brands for decorative carpets and rugs online in India. Their designer online carpets are well known globally and very popular for its designs and patterns. These decorative carpets are the first choice of everyone for interior decor. And like all, we know that the traditional art of India is most popular around the world and we brought you this art alive in the form of designer carpets and rugs online India.

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In India, the traditional and modern culture blended beautifully. Here you can see, how peoples still preserved their ancestor’s art and culture in that modern era. There are no words those can fully describe the beauty of their attractive arts and designs. We are also in the chain of preserving their Arts by Spreading it in the form of Attractive living room carpet flooring. So, we decided to make that art popular by presenting our handmade carpets and rugs for Sale in this monsoon and we are sure you’ll love these.

Beautiful Patterns & Designs

We, Rugsville is known for our traditions or culture art and designs that we are present on the beautiful online carpets. The amazing things behind our art are that our living room carpet flooring designer always believes in yourselves. So, they create their designs on fabrics, potteries and on all decorative things such as pillows, poufs and much more with their own hand without taking help of the machine. But now, after modernization, some artisans adopted block printing technique. Since we set up our weavers made many beautiful online carpets and rugs. So, we are feeling proud to spread our art by organizing home carpets online Monsoon sale. On all rugs online India, our artisan did same efforts and filled each living room carpet flooring with a big bunch of attractive colorful trendy attractive designs.

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Online Carpets with Modern Touch

As the interest of the peoples about Modern things rising the Indian cultural art and designs also evolved. Now, our expert artisans also started to inject some modern designs, texture, style, etc. After the evolution of Indian art, the peoples love towards these rugs online India also increased. After watching this love we also produced many stylish Modern Rugs for sale. These modern styles online carpets and rugs beautifully crafted by the modern and traditional technique. To make more durable we used the best quality material. Our online carpets are full of the soft pile and many other good features. So, this is a good chance to modernize your home with our amazing collection of carpets online India. So, don’t wait and participating in our Monsoon Sale.

Where to Buy Authentic Carpets

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